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Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Itemized contributions to candidates for state representative in the 157th District for the reporting period of Jan. 1 through March 31. Listed are donor, city of residence and amount:

Scott Lipke, R-Jackson

Ian Sutherland, Cape Girardeau, $275; John and Becky Harding, Cape Girardeau, $20; Vera Lenz, Jackson, $300; Carl H. Hendrickson, St. Louis, $200; Barbara Hayes, Perryville, $100; Rod Shelton, Jackson, $50; Kenneth and Dawn Detring, Jackson, $50; Audrey Humes, Jackson, $30; Rick and Michelle Doughten, Jackson, $50; Gerald Jones, Jackson, $50; Tom Traxler, Jackson, $300; Clara Traxler, Jackson, $205; Francis Siebert, Chaffee, $50; Bonnie Lipke, Jackson, $150; Larry Lipke, Jackson, $300; Stacy Mansfield, Jackson, $50; Joe Bob and Joy Baker, Jackson, $100; Greg Leet, Jackson, $50; Kevin and Kris Coe, Jackson, $100; Talmadge Uhles, Jackson, $25; Lauri Spain, Jackson, $100; Teresa Pearson, Cape Girardeau, $25; James and Sheryl Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, $50; Jeff and Debra Hine, Cape Girardeau, $100; Robert Hendricks, Jackson, $50; Horace Eastman, Cape Girardeau, $25; Dwight and Kathy Johnson, Jackson, $100; Rick and Julie Steele, Cape Girardeau, $100; Marjorie Grindstaff, Jackson, $25; Scott and Leslie Horman, Chaffee, $100; Karen McClellan, Jackson, $100; Mark and Cindie Yanow, Cape Girardeau, $100; Michael Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $300; Tina Weber, Jackson, $50; Randy Brown, Cape Girardeau, $100; Ed and Jackie Masters, Sikeston, $300; Ron and Jen Wahlers, Jackson, $600; Beryl Roberts, Jackson, $50; Jim Winder, Jackson, $25; Randall Stahly, Cape Girardeau, $50; Joda and Charlotte Bess, Cape Girardeau, $50; Robert and Joanna Krone, Cape Girardeau, $100; Brigitte and Henning Bollerslev, Jackson, $200; Paul Fisher, Jackson, $300; Margie and Keith Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $600; H. Marvin Gilmore, Sikeston, $300; Johnson & Stark, Cape Girardeau, $200; Mike and Terri Kahle, Jackson, $50; Kee and Susan Park, Jackson, $600; Stacy Williams, Jackson, $50; Chuck and Cindy Drewett, Jackson, $100; Kelly Poore, Jackson, $300; Tim Walker, Jackson, $25; Kenny and Cathy Ahksten, Cape Girardeau, $600; Jerry and Phyllis Schwab, Cape Girardeau, $100, Steve Skelton, Jackson, $25; John Drury, Cape Girardeau, $50; Richard and Judy Aufdenberg, Burfordville, $100; Leigh Little, Jackson, $250; Larry Essner, Cape Girardeau, $25; Rodney and Pam Pensel, Jackson, $100; Ted and Margaret Yates, Cape Girardeau, $50; Bill Gosche, Jackson, $25; Roy and Jane Boren, Jackson, $25; Larry and Grayson Patterson, Jackson, $50; John and Anne Bradshaw, Cape Girardeau, $50; Donna Price, Cape Girardeau, $25; Sam Griffin, Doniphan, $100; Keith and Lisa Essmyer, Whitewater, $50; Kenneth and Jocelyn Kasten, Jackson, $100; Alan Lipke, Jackson, $25; Sally Lipke, Jackson, $300; Daniel Rau, Cape Girardeau, $200; Lisa Lipke, Jackson, $300; Don and Darlene Bonney, Jackson, $25; Bill and Gwyn Wischmeyer, San Diego, Calif., $50; Andy and Tina Piepenbrok, Sikeston, $50; Rhonda and Dallas Westrich, Cape Girardeau, $100.

Gerald Adams, R-Jackson

Thompson Union Storage, Jackson, $150; Teresa L. Thompson, Jackson, $150; Straightway Farm Service, Jackson, $275; Hughes Davault, Jackson, $10; Kaci L. Thompson, Jackson, $150; Courtesy Cleaners Inc., Cape Girardeau, $200; Leonard Adams, Jackson, $250; Paul and Paula Siemers, Cape Girardeau, $25; Steve Preusser, Jackson, $100; Shirley Preusser, Jackson, $100; Frank and Martha Wiley, $100; Gerald Adams, Jackson, $40; Fred Jones, Jackson, $25; Howard Alexander, Jackson, $100; Nordenia USA, Jackson, $250; Paul Wiedland, Palatine, Ill., $250; Rusty Adams, Jackson, $25; Dan and Pat Brase, Cape Girardeau, $100; Robert Adams, Jackson, $100; Wayne Maupin, Jackson, $25; Bo Shantz Insurance, Cape Girardeau, $75; Bill Barks, Cape Girardeau, $50; Dale Myers, Oak Ridge, $50; Paul Northdurft, Gordonville, $100; Richard Hartman, Jackson, $100; Sally Walker, Jackson, $100; Dan Stover, Jackson, $150; Mark Dumey, Jackson, $100; Kevin Sutton, Jackson, $100; Gerald Jones, Jackson, $50; James Roach, Jackson, $100; Albert Job, Jackson, $100; Kenneth Evans, Jackson, $100; James Bollinger, Jackson, $50; Benny Myers, Jackson, $50; Barbara Lohr, Jackson, $50; Ron Anderson, Jackson, $100; Jeff Hahs, Oak Ridge, $100; T. Wayne Lewis, Jackson, $100; Theodore Grieshop, Cape Girardeau, $100; J.M. Adams, Jackson, $25; E.F. McDonald, Jackson, $50; Ken Detring, Jackson, $50; Edward Snider, Cape Girardeau, $50; Charles Drury, St. Louis, $150; Shirley Drury, St. Louis, $100; Barbara Wiedlin, Palatine, Ill. $250; John R. Thompson, Jackson, $40; David Creech, Cape Girardeau, $40; Richard Gross, Gordonville, $200.

Donna Lichtenegger, R-Jackson

Harold Lowes Construction, Jackson, $100; Stephen and Laura Avakian, Hull, Mass., $100; Tom Buessink Excavating Inc., Jackson, $300; Nathan Cooper, Cape Girardeau, $225; Underwood Leora Farms, St. Louis, $300; Huntwood Designs, St. Louis, $300; Brian Underwood, St. Louis, $50; Chris Weiss, Jackson, $50; Scott Schnuck, St. Louis, $300; Richard McClure, St. Louis, $50; Tracy Fetterhoff, Marble Hill, $300; Maurice Graham, St. Louis, $300; Albert Walther, Jackson, $50; Greenway Center, Jackson, $300; Englehart and Lichtenegger, Jackson, $300; Melvin Van Deven, Cape Girardeau, $200; Randy Garrett, Frederick, Md., $50; Paul Hahn, Jackson, $100; Al Rotskoff, University City, $50; Evelyn Puls, Jackson, $25; Shannon Puls, Jackson, $150; Drew Puls, Jackson, $150; Wittenburg River Farms, Jackson, $300; Leigh Lichtenegger, Boulder, Colo., $200; James Lichtenegger, Ellisville, $100; Dr. Kenneth Detring, Jackson, $50; Kenneth and Teresa Cantrell, Cape Girardeau, $100; Appleton Valley Farms Inc., Jackson, $100; Missouri Lakes, Jackson, $200; John Lichtenegger, Jackson, $25; Milton Grebe, Jackson, $25; E.F. McDonald, Jackson, $50.

Tom Sachse, R-Friedheim

Kenny and Mary Friese, Perryville, $100; David and Denise Hacker, Perryville, $112; Albert and Karen Cleve, Farmington, $100; Gene and Karen Sachse, Oak Ridge, $112; Tim and Karen Sutterer, Jackson, $124; Grover Sachse, Oak Ridge, $24; Edith Sachse, Oak Ridge, $110.80; David and Becky Wichern, Jackson, $106; Milford Klaus, Friedheim, $20; Jeff Gholson, Jackson, $6; Earl and Delorse Hacker, Uniontown, $59.20; Clifford Thomas, Perryville, $12; Chris and Amy Haertling, Altenburg, $12; Harold and Dortha Strack, Cape Girardeau, $12; Dale Lackey, Ballstoon Lake, N.Y., $200; Clyde Klaus, Lake Ozark, $75; Glen Meyr, Chaffee, $100; Norman and Val Tuschhoff, Jackson, $47.68.

Chuck Miller, D-Oriole

John L. Cook, Cape Girardeau, $275; Sandra Moore, Whitewater, $275; David Summers, Cape Girardeau, $300; Kathleen Wolz, Cape Girardeau, $150; Louise Hart, Jackson, $40; Carol Weinrich, Jackson, $100; Paul V. Gilbert, Cape Girardeau, $100; Kris Edwards, Jackson, $50; Cape Girardeau County Democratic Central Committee, Jackson, $275.

Source: Finance disclosure reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission

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