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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Column suggestion

DAVID LIMBAUGH: Enough on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . We gave it our best shot and failed. The Israelis will eventually build a wall separating the two hostile communities, and that will take care of it as best it can be taken care of. It's time to redirect your rhetoric toward building support for what will be our next effort. Perhaps a good title for your initial column on the subject would be "On to Iraq!"

Christians coming out

I HAVE decided that I am going to speak to all of the Christian organizations on the Southeast campus about a National Coming Out for Christianity week in response to the Rainbow Alliance's coming out of silence week. I find it interesting that when a homosexual group like the Rainbow Alliance wants to designate a week for coming out of the closet, hardly anyone criticizes it. But if Christians want to let anyone know that they live a Christian lifestyle, groups like the Rainbow Alliance hit the roof. I hope local churches see this and consider what I am proposing. If the homosexuals can designate a week to come out of the closet, then Christians should be able to designate a week to come out for Christianity. The only difference is, we as Christians won't be able to get away with stating our views.

Manage the money

THE MAYOR chooses to discriminate and charge people who live outside the city limits. Penalizing people for not living in the city limits is stupid. We do more than come to work in Cape. We eat there, shop there and pay extra tax to rent a room at a hotel. Why can't the city manager figure out how to budget the money the city currently has. Instead of buying new trucks and cars for employees, make them drive their own cars to work. Why try to get people to come to Cape if you are going to tax them if they find nicer and more affordable housing outside the city limits?

We pay city taxes

AFTER READING your recent front-page article on your new mayor's idea to tax commuters who travel to work in Cape, I would like to make a couple of comments. He needs to remember that all of us support the Cape area with our dollars daily. We eat in the restaurants and pay taxes. We purchase gasoline and pay taxes. We patronize all of Cape Girardeau's businesses with our many purchases and pay taxes. I would venture to say that I, along with many others who shop in Cape regularly, would be appalled with a tax of this nature. I and many others would take my business to such places as Jackson or Sikeston. This may offset the mayor's proposed tax and in the long run hurt the Cape economy, businesses and potential for growth. I am outraged at the thought of such a tax on the many people who have over many years contributed greatly to the growth of Cape Girardeau. I feel very strongly that your new mayor may need to research the feelings of the many fine people who work and shop in Cape Girardeau but do not live in the city limits of Cape Girardeau.

Great donkey game

THE DONKEY basketball game was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I am 14 years old, and that's a little difficult for me to say, because I have some pretty crazy friends. My dad participated in the hilarious game as well. My friends and I enjoyed making jokes about him the rest of the night after he did a front flip over the donkey's head. I had a wonderful time at the show and hope to see the game played again in years to come.

We're not St. Louis

NOW I'VE heard it all" A tax to work in Cape Girardeau. It seems people who don't live in Cape can go to all the stores and spend their money and that's fine. Just don't work in Cape if you don't live there. Every time Cape wants more money, it wants to compare its situation to other cities like St. Louis. The last time I looked, this was Cape, not St. Louis. If you want to be like St. Louis, move there.

Bless you

I HAVE but one response to the Speak Out comment about the beautiful spring and blooming flowers and trees. Ah-choo!

Political dancing

"BALANCHINE, Stravinsky, Villela. These aren't names that come up a lot in casual conversation in Cape Girardeau," said a Southeast Missourian editorial. You were right, but we often get close. I've heard many discussions about others capable of world-class choreography and tippy-toeing around stages as good as -- if not better than -- ballet artists. As a group they are known as politicians.

By any other name

JOE SULLIVAN is intrigued by the fact that East Timor's new president's name is pronounced the same as the rock 'n' roll group, Sha Na Na. I like it as well for the same reason. On the other hand, given the nature of the times we live in, I would not like it if a president's name were pronounced the same as a popular rock 'n' roll phrase form the late 1950s and early 1960s: Sha Boom, Sha Boom.

It's all our money

I CANNOT believe that the university is going to raise student tuition and parking fines while continuing to pursue the River Campus project. Ken Dobbins maintains that since this money comes from a different fund it has no bearing on tuition costs. It is all taxpayer money. They may put it in different accounts, but it all came out of our pockets. Bureaucrats and politicians seem to conveniently forget this when they want to pursue their pet projects.

Learning responsibility

WHEN I was about 12 years old, I used to deliver papers for the Southeast Missourian. Occasionally, I would miss someone on my route. More likely a dog had carried the paper off. But in those days, they didn't call the newspaper. They called the paper boy. Usually my father would answer the phone and relay the message to me. Dad would advise me that the people had not gotten the paper and I should get one over there to them immediately. If they weren't in a hurry and were polite, Dad would make me walk to deliver the paper. Often this could be anywhere from a half-mile to three-fourths of a mile one way. If they were mad or if they were in a real hurry for it, then he'd let me take my bicycle. He explained to me that the walking had to do with responsibility. It didn't make any difference what I was doing -- homework, playing in the yard, with my friends -- I came home, the newspaper and delivered it either by foot or by bicycle. It had to do with responsibility. I hope there are some 12-year-olds reading this.

Talent's mouthpiece

THE RECENT Southeast Missourian editorial regarding the Carnahan-Talent debate only illustrates that the Missourian is becoming nothing but a partisan mouthpiece to serve the interests of the Talent campaign

Confused patient

WHAT DO you think of a doctor who, when you go for an office call, doesn't say anything to you and puts you in a nursing home. I was so upset I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I have my own apartment. I think he's gone a little bit beyond his control, and I don't like it.

Movie critic

I DON'T know who's rating the movies this week, but if you want a movie not to feel good about when you leave, then see "Changing Lanes." I hope you won't have any incidents where you come across someone who's just seen this movie and who may internalize the movie. If you want a movie that makes you feel good, then see "Big Trouble" with Tim Allen. It is a totally funny movie. Of course, it's not one you would take the children to, but neither is "Changing Lanes." "Big Trouble" will just leave you laughing. It will make your weekend just a little more cheerful going into Monday morning.

Voting against oil

YOU CAN thank U.S. Sen. Jean Carnahan if gasoline gets to $5 a gallon. She voted against any oil exploration in Alaska. I don't think she has the Missouri citizens at heart when she votes against oil exploration and only for her own personal interests.

Spray for mosquitoes

WITH ALL the rain and the warm temperatures lately, I wish we could get the public works department to go ahead and start spraying for mosquitoes, because they are abundant. Just try stepping outside at dusk or a little bit after dark and you'll see. Why wait until the end of May to start spraying when we need mosquito control now?

Jackson leash law

I WAS wondering if one of the families in Jackson on Pecan Lane realizes there is a dog leash law. They have a dog that runs loose and barks at you when you walk by their house like it's going to bite you. It also comes in the neighbors' garages when we leave our garage doors open and tries to get in our garbage. I think they should have a little respect for their neighbors and keep their dog leashed like other people do in the neighborhood.

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