city beat - Cape parent could rate 'supermom' status

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Just call her Supermom.

Dana Deisher would probably say "no" to that nickname. But people who know her would say it is just the right term for this busy Cape Girardeau parent.

She is a chauffeur, a den mother, a Girl Scout leader, a school newspaper editor, a Project Charlie teacher, a children's church teacher, a PTA president, an Optimist Club member, an elementary school library volunteer, Big Bear at Halloween, Clifford the Big Red Dog for the book fair, a part-time nurse in the intensive care unit, a wife, and a mother of three.

Mrs. Deisher's children are David, 13, Heather, 12, and Matt, 8.

The Deishers have lived in Cape Girardeau for six years.

She likes Cape for many reasons.

"It's small and good for raising a family," Mrs. Deisher said.

That's what she spends most of her time doing, raising a family.

She is a den mother for Matt's group of Cub Scouts. This involves camping, going on field trips, and helping the boys with the requirements in their Cub Scout books.

She is also a Girl Scout leader for Heather's troop. She goes camping with them, helps the girls earn badges, and plans other fun activities for them to take part in.

Mrs. Deisher is the nurse for Heather's traveling soccer team. She drives the team to their tournaments in her 15-passenger van.

"It's roomy and holds a lot of people," Mrs. Deisher said about the long white Dodge van she drives around town.

She also helps out at her children's schools. She edits the school newspaper and helps out in the library at Clippard Elementary. She teaches Project Charlie, which is a drug resistance program there. If a teacher needs help in a classroom, Mrs. Deisher will be there. Last year at Clippard, she was in charge of the school book fair. Mrs. Deisher is the PTA president at Cape Central Junior High where David attends. Mrs. Deisher also volunteered for various other events at their school.

Mrs. Deisher and her family go to Auburn Christian Club, which is an organization of nativity. In the nativity, she is an angel.

Mrs. Deisher also is a member of the Optimist Club, an organization of business leaders that plan activities for children. One thing they do is organize girls' basketball teams.

Mrs. Deisher finds time her schedule to work part-time as a nurse in the intensive care unit at Southeast Missouri Hospital. She also volunteers for the Showcase fund-raiser at the hospital. She could work full time, but instead Mrs. Deisher chooses to spend her time with family, church, and volunteer work.

Considering everything that the Deishers do, in order to eat, she said they usually have to grab something "on to go." Sometimes they get a little help from the local restaurants.

In between all the activities she is involved in, she has to find time to clean house, do laundry, cook, go to the bank, shop for groceries, fill the van with gas, and other duties wives and mothers have to do.

Are all the Deishers ever at home at the same time?

"Not very often," Mrs. Deisher said. But when they are, she said they watch movies, play games, and watch their favorite programs on TV. Sometimes, they go out to eat or go to the theater together.

Is she really a Supermom?

Why do you think she spends most of her day helping others?

"I want my kids to remember me most as positive role model who shows compassion and helpfulness," she said.

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