Cape Veteran Home volunteers honored

Thursday, April 18, 2002

In September volunteers at the Missouri Veterans Home will pass the quarter-million mark in hours worked since the home opened in June 1990.

The 221 registered volunteers were honored recently at the annual Volunteer Recognition Night, with a dinner and ceremony in the facility's dining room.

Four volunteers were named Volunteers of the Year for 2001.

They were Claude Estes, with 1,788 hours; Don Adams, with 1,731 hours; Betty G. Cato, with 1,710 hours; and Lavern VanWeeldon, with 1,490 hours.

Total volunteer hours at the Veterans Home last year were 14,008 hours. Total hours since June 1990 are 263,051.

Volunteers assist the home in many ways.

They deliver ice and water to patients, deliver the mail, operate the canteen and information desk; assist in outings and in-house activities, and make personal visits in the Stephen's Ministry program.

Volunteers are awarded pins and bars for their efforts.

Two volunteers have more than 7,000 hours of volunteer work. Euil Trickey, the Masonic Service Association home representative with 7,480 hours; and Barbara Yallaly, American Legion Ladies Auxiliary home representative with 7,469 hours.

Volunteers with 2,000 to 6,100 hours during the year are Agnes Bender, Vergie Templeton, Louis Birkman Jr., Frieda Howard, Naomi McClard, Ralph Chitty, Hal Scowden, James "Rex" Haynes, Harry Humphry, Jim Tindall, Lillian Birkman and Shirley Welter.

Volunteers with 1,000 to 1,999 hours are Claude Estes, Don Adams, Jim Foster, Betty G. Cato, Mildred Foster, Al Mason, Bob McLemore, Chester Herrington, Lavern VanWeeldon, Jim Harnes, John Sonderman, Gary Estes, Fern Schlimme, Doyle Mouser, Gladys Lawrence, Louis Woodford, Jewell Lincecum, VFW Ladies Auxiliary home representative; Ginger Beaudean, Fern Shultz, John "Doc" Yallaly and Glenneta Vogelsang.

Volunteers with 600 to 999 hours are Bob Harper, Rupert Fiehler, Chalres Shultz, Margaret Kracke, Charlie Hutson, Betty Hahs, Ted Blattel, Jack Kinder, Neal Edwards, Barbara Slinkard, Bill Hasler and Clem Crain.

Serving a total of 500 to 599 hours are John Powers, Betty Myer, Shirley Porter, Harold Makins, Norman Sebaugh, Charlotte Hecht, Paul Bell, Jim Englehart, Ginny Jones, "Cotton" Meyer, Dorothy Klein, Claire Campbell and Marie Brantley.

Those with 400 to 499 hours of service are Caryn Michel, Brenda Turner, Doris Meier, Bob Landgraf, Bill Bollinger, Robert Eisenhauer, Pamela Davis, Lawrence Meier, Earl Statler, Myrtle Allen, Robert E. Young, Verna Lee Nitsch, Pat Renard and Millard Schlimme.

Volunteers serving 300 to 399 hours are Eddie Schriener, Pete Rhodes, Jim Baker, Walt Wildman, Bunny Smith, Harold Nothdruft, A.J. Seyer, Myrna Powers, Betty E. Cato, Bonnie Smith, Norman Bollinger, Betty Wiggins, Mary Proctor, Paul Harris and Bob Seabaugh.

Volunteers serving 200 to 299 hours are Dora Mantel, Jess Hoppel, Clinton Gerler, Carolyn Schreiner, Dorothy Haselbauer, Melvin Eggiman, Ruth Strack Hunze, Gladys Siebert, Lavern Bangert, Wanda Gerler, Steve Whitney, Dorothy Siebert, Lee Flor, Dale Wolfenkoehler, Linda Hutson, Violet Crain, Evelyn Ritchie, Majorie Grindstaff and Betty Hoffmeister.

Volunteers serving 100 to 199 hours are Edna Sneathen, Shelly Sachs, L.T. Hicks, Joe Cullen, Pat Rice, John Rice, Hazel Clippard, Naomi Lee, Leonard Adams, Bill Engleman, Judy Moore, Frieda Smothers, Harold Moore, Albert Blattel, Vernice Baumstark, Louie Organ, Marie Birk, Doyle Schwitz, Jane Henrichson, Lawana Hoeh, Jewell Jordan and Stan Popp.

Five resident veterans are part of the volunteer corps. They serve on the Resident Council as officers, help set up for activities and serve in other ways. They are Bill Walker, Hugh LeDure, Horace Woods, Charles Clippard and Harold Henderson.

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