A radioactive trail

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

  • FEBRUARY 2000: Radioactive americium-241 found to have leaked from a vial in side a safe in the basement of Magill Hall at Southeast Missouri State University.

    JUNE 2000: More contamination found in a second-floor room in Magill Hall.

    JUNE 2000: Science Applications International Corp. hired to clean up contamination.

    NOVEMBER 2000: Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Magill Hall clean after university paid more than $1 million.

    OCTOBER 2001: Southeast pays $11,000 fine levied by the NRC. The NRC says the university failed to implement an effective radiation safety program which allowed problems to persist.

    JANUARY 2002: Small amounts of americium turn up in acid dilution pits in the sewer system for Magill and Rhodes halls.

    MARCH 2002: Americium contamination found on a chemistry lab table stored in Johnson Hall.

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