New buttons mean better stoplight control

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

The time spent sitting at stoplights on Broadway, Independence Street and William Street seems excessive at times, particularly when there's no traffic on cross streets.

There's good news:

The city is about to fix the problem at the bargain price of $3,200.

Workers have been installing pedestrian push buttons at 11 intersections on the three streets, all east of Kingshighway. That means the lights won't turn red for traffic on Broadway, Independence and William unless a car is approaching on a cross street or a pedestrian pushes the button.

It will mean an average wait of six fewer seconds at each light, the city estimates, but that adds up over time.

It is important for pedestrians who take cross streets such as Caruthers and Pacific to note the change, because if they don't press the button to get a clear signal to walk, the light won't turn for them.

The city's plan clearly is a change for the better.

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