Crusade brings a new life to hundreds

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Organizers of the Hope for America evangelistic crusade -- five nights of preaching by some of the biggest names in evangelical Christianity today -- should be pleased with their efforts. Several thousand people attended the nightly meetings at the Show Me Center, listening to variations on the theme that our enemies include Americans who have lost their moral and spiritual compass.

The crusade was made possible by the generosity of Cape Girardeau businessman Jerry Lipps. In addition to financial support, Lipps also was in a position to extend a personal invitation to the Rev. Jerry Falwell to be one of the crusade speakers. In turn, Falwell arranged for the other speakers.

For many of us, listening to a preacher recite our shortcomings is nothing less than a painful experience. But each of the speakers offered a remedy: salvation. Indeed, hundreds of listeners took this opportunity to make a profession of faith or rededicate their lives to Christ.

This is the outcome by which the crusade's success can be measured. For evangelical Christians, it was a rare opportunity to see and hear their favorite preachers in person and to respond to their messages. To that end, the crusade served a worthy purpose.

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