Bankruptcies for April

Monday, April 15, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through April 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Allen, Augusta M. and Brad L., Malden, 10280

Barriner, Larry D. and Sue A., Poplar Bluff, 10370

Beard, Michele D., Sikeston, 10438

Biggs, Cassie C., Caruthersville, 10304

Bond, Jimmie D. and Willie F., 10432

Braswell, Barry A. and Linda D., Braggadocio, 10423

Breitweg, Sandra E., Dexter, 10325

Brown, Bobby D. and Emily J., Marble Hill, 10452

Browning, Aretha L. and Julian W., Charleston, 10311

Bruce, David L., Dexter, 10297

Burchard, Lavonda S. and Timmy M., Silva, 10434

Burns, Shira R., Bloomfield, 10340

Burton, Michael M. and Tanya L., Sikeston, 10367

Bush, Richard J., Lilbourn, 10310

Canoy, Nancy K., Fisk, 10326

Castulik, Ruth M., Marble Hill, 10403

Cates, Anita L. and James D., Broseley, 10289

Cavaness, Hope R., Campbell, 10351

Christian, Brenda E. and Jerry W., Wappapello, 10319

Christian, Carolyn F., Dexter, 10362

Christian, Deborah L., Fisk, 10322

Cochran, Angel M. and John F. Jr., Bloomfield, 10366

Collins, Keith and Sharon, Malden, 10385

Cowart, James L. and Joyce M., Malden, 10350

Craiglow, Jennifer, Jackson, 10454

Crocker, Georgia A., Williamsville, 10420

Crumbaugh, Charles C., Chaffee, 10416

Cupp, Clifton W. and Wilma K., Cardwell, 10441

Curtis, James M. and Shari L., Chaffee, 10451

Deem, Gary and Gayle, Poplar Bluff, 10282

Dell, Jon K., Malden, 10386

Dirnberger, David C., Benton, 10393

Dixon, Donald R. and Tammy K., Charleston, 10303

Dobbins, Gladys C. and Vernon D., Hayti, 10422

Drumright, Angela C. and Harold L., Portageville, 10300

Drury, Amanda, Cape Girardeau, 10301

Dugas, Stephanie S., Poplar Bluff, 10357

Duvall, Charles R., Perryville, 10406

Edwards, Chad C., Perryville, 10394

Ellis, Denisa K. and Freddie L. Jr., Portageville, 10450

Ellis, Ronnie D. and Tracyee R., Dexter, 10401

Estes, Lisa L. and Terry L., Kennett, 10427

Etherton, Edward W. and Oretha K., Essex, 10361

Fisher, Catherine S., Caruthersville, 10426

Flannery, Joy G., Whitewater, 10412

Francis, William D., Millersville, 10411

Friedrich, Christopher S. and Kristin A., Jackson, 10354

Garrison, Brock N., Cape Girardeau, 10445

Gidden, John B., Piedmont, 10278

Goode, Brandy M. and Malcolm E., Malden, 10339

Gowen, Robynne E., Cape Girardeau, 10279

Granier, Earline, Birch Tree, 10413

Griffith, Darin and Paula, Cape Girardeau, 10410

Grigsby, Selina K., Wappapello, 10382

Hanner, Robert W. and Wendy M., Bloomfield, 10323

Harris, John W., Cape Girardeau, 10365

Hawks, April D. and Jason R., Poplar Bluff, 10352

Henson, Christy D. and Kevin W., Piedmont, 10436

Hill, James H., East Prairie, 10337

Hopkins, Jerry L., Essex, 10292

Houchins, Larry W. Jr. and Olivia, Bloomfield, 10294

Howard, Jerry D. and Sharon K., Piedmont, 10402

Hurt, Kent A., Sturdivant, 10338

Ingram, Pamela J., Morley, 10373

Jackson, Kathryn L., Jackson, 10444

Jenkins, Sadie A., Sikeston, 10336

Jones, Rickey E., Caruthersville, 10430

Keeney, Nina J., Fremont, 10417

Kempfer, Robin E., Perryville, 10443

Kennedy, Peggy S. and Robert E., Malden, 10349

Kester, Wilma D., Friedheim, 10435

Kilgore, Chrystal F., Malden, 10387

Kinsey, Gary L. and Patricia K., Risco, 10425

Kirby, Brenda S., Doniphan, 10408

Kirkman, Christy L. and Steve E., Poplar Bluff, 10288

Knuckles, Delores L. and Lloyd A., Sikeston, 10318

Lawrence, Minnie E., Kennett, 10306

Laws, Doyle G. Jr. and Karla K., Dexter, 10356

Lewis, Glenn J. and Jennifer R., Sikeston, 10381

Lincoln, Gregory A., Cape Girardeau, 10313

Lloyd, Janet K. and Jimmie F., East Prairie, 10414

Long, Charles F. and Lisa J., Caruthersville, 10398

Lunsford, William Jr., Dexter, 10364

Lutes, Brenda K. and Michael W., Hiram, 10290

Maddox, Julie R., Marble Hill, 10296

Martin, Jerry A., Perryville, 10355

Martin, Kim K., Jackson, 10437

Massey, Jaye T., Kennett, 10320

Mayhall, Iris G., Jackson, 10439

McAlister, Gordon W. and Janet L., Piedmont, 10291

McCallister, Anthony E. and Stacy M., Cape Girardeau, 10389

McCasland, Misty R., Arbyrd, 10391

McMillian, Jennifer K., Malden, 10358

Meeker, Robert A. and Trina G., Kennett, 10348

Mills, Daniel J. and Shelley J., Jackson, 10388

Moore, Deborah L., Perryville, 10405

New, Paul D. Jr., Jackson, 10442

Nimmo, Joyce E., Dexter, 10324

Oliver, Dorothy V. and James W., Sikeston, 10335

Parson, Charles M. and LeaAnna R., Fredericktown, 10379

Pease, Carl E. and Paula F., Jackson, 10455

Pickens, Curt Jr. and Millie D., Bloomfield, 10293

Pickens, Donnie P., Hayti, 10424

Pierce, Dorothy J., Charleston, 10308

Plunk, Connie S., Sikeston, 10334

Poole, L.C., Fredericktown, 10368

Price, Robert D., Perryville, 10449

Pullum, James L., Dexter, 10375

Purser, Albert S. and Patricia G., Portageville, 10307

Ray, James M., New Madrid, 10448

Reed, George L., Perryville, 10404

Rhody, Angela S., Poplar Bluff, 10287

Rice, Eugenia A. and Rodger D., Cape Girardeau, 10372

Riegert, Darren M., Cape Girardeau, 10376

Roark, Randy N. Jr. and Sherry A., Glenallen, 10395

Robbins, Teresa A. and William M., Lilbourn, 10305

Robinson, Cherry L. and Lonnie R., Holcomb, 10347

Robinson, Sheila K., Sikeston, 10315

Roslen, Gilbert E. and Pauline, Sikeston, 10333

Roth, Jason, Cape Girardeau, 10285

Russell, Wesley A., Dexter, 10363

Sadler, Edward W. and LaTanya R., Chaffee, 10447

Schleinger, Camilla A., Scott City, 10360

Schumer, Gerald L. and Tina C., Old Appleton, 10374

Scott, Callie M., Cape Girardeau, 10409

Shafer, Cherry L., Winona, 10396

Shaw, Robert G. and Sandra J., Malden, 10346

Shoemake, Donna K. and Lynn D., Cape Girardeau, 10383

Simmons, Albert R. and Thressia J, Sikeston, 10302

Simpson, Anthony L. and Cynthia D., Clarkton, 10345

Sitzes, Jamie M. and Joseph W., Scott City, 10328

Smith, Beulah V., Cape Girardeau, 10330

Smith, Connie L., Hayti, 10429

Smith, David L., Lilbourn, 10286

Smith, Jed D. and Jennifer L., Puxico, 10298

Smith, Jeffrey L., Cape Girardeau, 10378

Smith, Julie M., East Prairie, 10329

Smith, Kevin L., Chaffee, 10295

Smith, Shelley R., Cape Girardeau, 10377

Stafford, Julie A. and Kevin R., Sikeston, 10440

Stone, Gail M. and James C., Marble Hill, 10314

Stone, Kathern R. and Scotty W., Doniphan, 10359

Strauser, Julia T. and Kevin D., Scott City, 10446

Stroud, David S., Oak Ridge, 10397

Stroup, Juanita D. and Wilmer A., Puxico, 10299

Sumpter, Linda J., East Prairie, 10415

Thomas, Roger G., Hayti, 10431

Turner, John S. Sr. and Marsha, Doniphan, 10421

Underwood, Elmer G., Sikeston, 10331

Walden, Debbie J. and Kenneth J., Poplar Bluff, 10316

Walker, James B., Malden, 10344

Walker, Jeff S. and Lora A., Dexter, 10281

Walker, Jerry D. and Margaret A., Campbell, 10400

Walker, Lora L., Malden, 10343

Wallis, Anthony P. and Misty L., Risco, 10342

Wallis, Chester L., Cape Girardeau, 10392

Waters, Artlee and Margaret C., Parma, 10309

Watson, Vickie J. and William R., East Prairie, 10380

Webb, Jerry D. and Shelly R., Steele, 10384

Westmoreland, Melissa A., Morehouse, 10317

Whelan, Lawrence G., Cape Girardeau, 10390

White, Michael D., Oran, 10327

Whitmer, Donna M. and Michael L., Hornersville, 10341

Wilkerson, Linda D. and Willie M., Marble Hill, 10371

Wilkinson, Henry and Karen, Jackson, 10312

Williams, Billie C. and Khristin N., Van Buren, 10418

Williams, Carolyn S., Caruthersville, 10428

Williams, Steven, Cape Girardeau, 10453

Williams, Theresa, Jackson, 10284

Wilson, Brandi L., Jackson, 10353

Wisdom, Rebecca L., Fredericktown, 10399

Withrow, Gayla R. and Kent E., Poplar Bluff, 10321

Withrow, Gayla R. and Kent E., Poplar Bluff, 10433

Wittenborn, Patrick J., Cape Girardeau, 10407

Woley, Jo Anna, Wappapello, 10283

Woodard, Sherry L., Ellsinore, 10419

Wright, Laura M. and William D., Dexter, 10332

Yarbrough, Tammy M. and Terry A., Poplar Bluff, 10369

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