Out of the past 4/11/02

Thursday, April 11, 2002

10 years ago: April 11, 1992

Local First Exchange Bank officer has declined comment concerning copyrighted article in latest issue of St. Louis Business Journal that reports Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. is trying to sell First Exchange Corp.'s banks; Cape Girardeau-based bank holding company is medium-sized bank company that owns five banks, three of them in Southeast Missouri - Jackson Exchange Bank and Trust Co., First Exchange Bank of Cape Girardeau, and First Exchange Bank of Madison County in Fredericktown.

Nearly 30 people gather at Cape Girardeau Public Library to lay groundwork for county petition drive, part of national effort to get H. Ross Perot's name on presidential election ballot as independent candidate.

25 years ago: April 11, 1977

Turn-of-the-century Cape Girardeau house has been given new lease on life; John Vogelsanger house at 223 Independence has been purchased by Lois Liden with plans to use old Victorian house as setting for antique shop; house was built by Vogelsanger in late 1890s.

Marquette Hotel, which has been considered in past as site for city library, Lutheran boarding home and Southeast Missouri State University housing, is again for sale; since November, 50-year-old hotel at Fountain and Broadway has been advertised for sale by Capitol Hill Realty.

50 years ago: April 11, 1952

Insurance policies providing $255,000 coverage for municipal buildings and their contents have been written by coalition of Cape Girardeau agents who set up plan for staggered renewals under which city each year will pay about same premium; insurance was written by 16 companies at cost of $3,892.62 to the city.

New Police Commissioner Philip H. Steck says, "There'll be a new chief Monday" in police department; he declines to say who new chief will be; present chief is William A. Mills, who has served during four-year term of Mayor Walter H. Ford.

75 years ago: April 11, 1927

Traffic over Highway 61, between Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, is being delayed by muddy stretch of road four miles south of Farmington, where automobiles are being pulled through by tractors operated by highway department; traffic was jammed there several hours Saturday and Sunday, automobiles being unable to pull through muddy stretch without assistance.

Two roadhouses near Cape Girardeau were raided by federal prohibition officers and police late Saturday; Prosecuting Attorney S.P. Dalton says that if convictions result from raids, he will file injunctions to close places under nuisance statutes.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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