A well-deserved tribute to many volunteers

Thursday, April 11, 2002

It would be difficult to say too much about volunteers, those individuals who contribute a part of their lives -- their time, abilities and desire to help others -- for worthy causes.

Last week, orange and blue ribbons sprouted up all over Scott City, Jackson and Cape Girardeau as the mayors of those three cities proclaimed Community Volunteer Month. Special attention for volunteers is being coordinated by the Area Wide United Way.

When you stop to think of all the ways volunteers benefit our lives and our communities, it is overwhelming to see how many hours are freely and gladly given up to make things better for so many others.

A short list:

Church volunteers, members of city boards and commissions, youth leaders, hospital volunteers, school volunteers, sports volunteers, volunteer firefighters, volunteers for community-service projects, volunteers who look after the needs of the needy.

In a few minutes, you could add many more to the list.

So if you see people wearing orange and blue ribbons, you will know they are a tribute to our volunteers -- and a well-deserved honor at that.

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