Zoning board sends tower permit request to council

Thursday, April 11, 2002

In the end, the ordinance is all that matters.

That's the basic message the Cape Girardeau Planning and Zoning Commission sent Wednesday night when it voted 6-3 to recommend allowing a 160-foot telecommunication tower on the property of William and Kathryn Swan at 1606 N. Kingshighway.

And, if indeed the new telecommunication tower ordinance is met, everyone will be happy, including Bruce Dockins, who opposed the proposed tower.

William "Reg" Swan was approached by Verizon Wireless about the possibility of co-locating on an existing 120-foot tower on Swan's property. However, that tower was not tall enough, so Swan is proposing to tear it down and build a new one to hold four antenna for co-use.

Swan did not have specifics fo the tower's size or location for the board.

Dockins, who owns McCombs Funeral Home next to Swan's property, was concerned the new tower would have an adverse effect on his property. He had no problem with the existing tower.

Dockins and Swan were unaware of the tower regulations recently adopted by the city council to have towers blend with the environment.

A motion to table the matter failed, 5-4, before the commission voted to recommend approval and pass the measure to the city council.

The commission also granted the recommendation of an electrical distribution substation at 7 N. Ellis St. in a C-1, local commercial district.

AmerenUE is being forced to relocate its substation on Independence because of the new Federal Building being built there.


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