Letter to the Editor

Caregivers need to focus on best care for patients

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

To the editor:

I am a certified nurse assistant who does patient care at St. Francis Medical Center. I supported the nurses who were and are anti-union. I am proud of St. Francis and all it stands for. We chose this line of work because we care. St. Francis has given and continues to give to all of its employees. It gave us a job when we asked for one. We have very good benefits. The caring fund is always there to help employees. Most of all, it's an opportunity to find friendships and love that no amount of money can buy.

Negative talk only brings you down. Focus on the positive, and you'll find ways to solve problems. We work long, hard hours. We don't need to hear negative remarks from each other. We need to hear uplifting comments. Try it. It makes you feel good, and every one around you is smiling. The hospital is growing, and we should be growing with it. This can be an exciting time. It's only what you make of it. So let's continue to give the best patient care. Let's work together to rise above these disagreements with administration.


Cape Girardeau