"A Pacific Coast Party" In Cape

Monday, April 8, 2002

The boys from San Jose bring their West Coast vibe to Cape for one energy packed performance. Smashmouth will take the stage at the Show Me Center on Tuesday, April 30. The show is part of the College Television Network Tour featuring an on-campus activity village with displays, contests, and giveaways from the tour sponsors.

Smashmouth's debut full-length record, Fush Yu Mang, attracted attention with its' unique combo of rock, ska and punk and became a quick hit across the country, most notably in the form of the '60s-flavored single, "Walkin' On The Sun." Smashmouth's second album, 1999's Astro Lounge, followed suit behind the equally infectious "All Star."

The band's new self-titled album features a restructured rhythm section and a broader range of sound and subject in their songs, creating a powerful presence on the charts. The intensity of Smashmouth can be largely attributed to the arrival of drummer, Michael Urbano. The new band member has taken the place of founding band member, Kevin Coleman, who left the band due to persistent and severe back pain. The other members of Smashmouth (a football reference that means no mercy) are Steve Harwell (vocals), Greg Camp (guitar) and Paul De Lisle (bass).

While Smashmouth has been touring and promoting their new album, they have also recorded several hits for soundtracks including, Shrek, Big Fat Liar, Ice Age, and Clock Stoppers. The Shrek sound track has already sold over 1.5 million copies.

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