Speak Out A 04/01/02

Monday, April 1, 2002

Don't blame clerks

CONVENIENCE-STORE clerks do their best to card people buying liquor. Parents should check out who their kids are running around with. Underage kids use their friends who are 18 and older to buy alcohol for them. Don't blame the people who work at the convenience stores.

Respect for elderly

IT REALLY disturbs me to hear fellow Christians refer to their elderly loved ones as "going off their rocker" or "going wacko." Many elderly people develop memory problems. It hurts feelings to hear such things.

Differing viewpoints

RECENTLY SEVERAL conservatives have called Speak out to complain about the David Broder column that runs in the Southeast Missourian. How ironic that Gary Rust makes the very point that I have been thinking: You're only benefited by opposing points of view. By definition, conservatives are very close-minded and are threatened by opposing points of view. By definition, liberals are open-minded and welcome reading viewpoints different from their own.

Day of Silence

I read that the Rainbow Alliance will participate in the National Day of Silence on the SEMO campus. They want to show support by wearing black ribbons, arm bands or black clothing in honor of victims who have been forever silenced by hate. I hope they do not forget 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising of Prairie Grove, Ark., who, in 1999, was raped and murdered by two homosexual men.

Robbing Social Security

REPUBLICANS ARE claiming that the Democrats are merely using scare tactics on the issue of Social Security. President Bush has promised numerous times on the campaign trail that he would not use the Social Security trust fund as a part of budget. But in his most recent budget, he robs this trust fund of hundreds of billions of dollars. Don't forget that the Republicans were against the idea of Social Security from its very beginning. Secretly, deep in their hearts, Republicans are still against the idea of Social Security.

Enough punishment

THE CLEO Johns case demonstrates a situation where there is a definite need for a concealed-weapons law in this state. Johns should not be charged with any weapons charges in this case. The actions of his friend forced him to take up arms to protect himself. While it is true, as Morley Swingle asserts, Johns never notified the police of the threat made against his life, what would the police have done? They probably would have gone to Griffith and asked him if he'd threatened to kill Johns. Griffith would have denied it, and the police would have nothing more they could do. If a person is bent on killing someone, they have no regard for the law. The best thing you can do is carry a weapon for defense. Johns didn't threaten anyone. He used his gun only to defend himself. I think Johns should be cleared of all charges. The killing of his friend is probably punishment enough.

Reflecting community

I'M A SEMO student. The university doesn't give tacit approval to illicit sex and drunkenness. Instead, the university takes the students as they are, sent by their parents and the God-fearing communities they grew up in. The university merely recognizes that fact. Any issues of morality have to be traced to the families and the communities the students grew up in.

Trash in yard

WHAT IS all that trash out in the yard on North Fountain Street? It's beginning to look like a junk yard along there. Is this something the city is supposed to monitor? I sure wish someone would go over there and find out what needs to be done.

Thanks for Easter hunts

I'D LIKEto thank everyone who sponsored Easter egg hunts this year. They were fun for children of all ages. It's almost as much fun to watch the little ones as it is to participate in the hunt. Thanks again for the fun.

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