Cape Girardeau City Council agenda

Monday, April 1, 2002

7 p.m., Monday, April 1

City Hall, 401 Independence

Study session at 5 p.m.

Public Hearings

A public hearing regarding the request of Cape Girardeau Scool District for a special-use permit to construct a 6-foot by 10-foot marquee sign at 1360 Randol Avenue (Alma Schrader School) in an R-1, single family residential district.


Presentation by state Rep. Jason Crowell.

Appearances before the council on items listed on the agenda

Appearances before the council on items not listed on the agendaConsent Ordinances

(Second and third readings)

An ordinance accepting a quit claim deed from the heirs of L.W. and Clara I. Felden for the Melody Lane water line. This property is needed in order to install a water line which will provide city water to the residents of Melody Lane as part of the Lexington Avenue/North Sprigg Street/Melody Lane water extension project.

An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of property for the improvements of Silver Springs Road between Mount Auburn Road and Kingshighway. This project will improve Silver Springs Road to a 48-foot wide street with turn lanes. The project is a Transportation Trust Fund II project which has a high priority due to the scheduled opening of the new high school in August.

An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of property for the Clark Avenue relief sewer project. This project provides for 2,500 feet of 15-inch sanitary sewer line that will provide relief to an existing overloaded sewer system in the Walker Branch watershed and will allow for complete development of the drainage basin.

An ordinance annexing 950 cares of land, which includes a 27-acre golf course, to the City of Cape Girardeau upon the request of Prestwick Holdings, LLC, and Patrick F. Evans.

An ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute a quit claim deed to H. Burton Lehman Jr. and Ruby Lehman for unneeded right-of-way of Woodlawn Avenue. During the purchase of their home, it was discovered that a part of their home extends two feet onto the platted right-of-way of Woodlawn Ave. The quit claim deed was requested by the Lehmans so they would own all the land under their house.

An ordinance amending Schedule T of Section 26-260 of the city code by establishing handicap parking on North Fountain Street.

An ordinance amending Schedule G of Section 26-249 of the city code repealing and establishing two-hour parking on North Fountain Street.

An ordinance approving and adopting the Cape Girardeau Public Schools Educational Channel 23 Policy Statement for the City of Cape Girardeau.New Ordinances

An ordinance granting a special-use permit to Cape Girardeau School District for purposes of constructing and maintaining a marquee sign at Alma Schrader School.

An ordinance reaffirming the action of the city council declaring it necessary to improve; providing for the improvement; directing the city manager to enter into a contract to do the work; and providing for the manner of payment of the work; of making certain sewer improvements in Sewer District 14-1-G-1 by constructing sanitary sewers to serve certain properties along Kingsway Drive. Due to financial considerations, this project has been put on hold since May 1999.

An ordinance authorizing the acquisition of property for the Kingshighway/ Commercial Street drainage project. This ordinance authorizes staff to proceed with the Kingshighway/Commercial Street drainage project, which includes the construction of a concrete channel south of Locust Street between Kingshighway and Commercial Street. It also provides for maintenance of the existing channel east of Commercial Street. This project is included in the city's Capital Improvements Program and is expected to decrease flooding problems that have occurred in this area.

An ordinance accepting a quit claim deed from the Kuss Land Development Company for the Kingshighway/Commercial Street drainage project.

An ordinance levying a special assessment for Timberlane Drive from Kage Road to the dead end; Capaha Trail from the end of existing pavement to Garden Ln.; Hill Street from Johnson Street to the dead end; Beaudean Lane from College Street to south of Elm Street; Beaudean Lane from Linden Street to Hickory Street; Engram Street from Highland Drive to the dead end; Terry Lane from Kingsway to Joanne Street; and Johnson Street from Rand Street to Riverview Drive, known as the 1999 4-inch asphaltic pavement program of the transportation trust fund, and authorizing the issuing of special tax bills therefor. This ordinance accepts the improvements as part of the city's improvements, levies the special assessments and authorizes the issuance of special tax bills.

Resolutions A resolution authorizing the city manager to execute a contract with American Resources Group, Ltd, to conduct archeological research for the Red House Interpretive Center project. The Cape Girardeau Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission has solicited the group to conduct an archaeological dig to establish the exact location of Louis Lorimier's Red House Trading Post. This project will be conducted with TEA-21 grant funding as of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Celebration and in conjuncion with the construction of the Red House Interpretive Center, located at 124 S. Main.

A resolution authorizing the city manager to execute an agreement with Southeast Missouri State University for an historic structure inventory. The university has calculated the cost of the survey documentation, which includes film, development, copies and miscellaneous expenses, at an amount not to exceed $470.

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