Bankruptcies for March 2002

Friday, March 15, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through March 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Alcorn, Ronald D. Jr., Bertrand, 10256

Alston, Pamela M., Caruthersville, 10174

Arnold, Robert L., Silva, 10159

Arthur, Lotha F. and William E., Sikeston, 10163

Bailey, Melissa D., Deering, 10216

Barry, Debra J., Puxico, 10178

Bell, Jason S. and Sara E., Doniphan, 10201

Berg, Christine E., Winona, 10274

Bishop, Ralph M. II, Steele, 10213

Bond, Samantha J., Chaffee, 10146

Brashear, John F. II and Sandra K., Sikeston, 10170

Brown, Mary R., Perryville, 10261

Burnett, Herbert J. and Stephanie L., Steele, 10215

Camp, Oleta K., Chaffee, 10236

Carillo, Leigh A. and Ray J., Dexter, 10144

Carter, Ralph E., Gideon, 10135

Cash, Shirley, Lilbourn, 10153

Clayton, Donna K., Cooter, 10158

Coburn, Vincent H., Dexter, 10165

Counts, Bonnie L. and John H., Scott City, 10231

Counts, Robert D., Cape Girardeau, 10237

Crawford, Helen M., Neelyville, 10196

Crosskno, Robin C., Hornersville, 10210

Crowden, Cynthia L. and Donald R., Benton, 10235

Deem, Carrie S. and Ronald P., Poplar Bluff, 10242

DeNoyer, Brenda A. and Oliver E. Jr., Perryville, 10130

Dietiker, Michael D., Altenburg, 10160

Dowell, Pinky L., Hayti, 10222

Dry, Edna M. and Harvey G. Jr., Cooter, 10173

Duncan, Maybell, Campbell, 10168

Durall, Mary L., Puxico, 10185

Elsworth, Brian L., Wappapello, 10230

Evans, David L. and Wanda M., Sikeston, 10136

Farr, Terunda L., New Madrid, 10252

Fiske, Barbara J. and Carl E. Jr., Harviell, 10269

Fletcher, Linda K., Senath, 10142

Flores, Arthur M. Jr., Poplar Bluff, 10244

Floyd, Connie K. and Jamie L., Sikeston, 10195

Fowler, Agnes J., New Madrid, 10254

Franklin, Stacylynn A. and Tracy D., Steele, 10214

Geiser, Stephanie A., Dexter, 10234

Gilmore, Lewis W., Caruthersville, 10221

Goodson, Brian K. and Gina M., Ellington, 10247

Graham, Linda S. and Thurman W. Jr., Sikeston, 10164

Graves, Alton L., Kennett, 10157

Gresham, Connie S., Perryville, 10148

Grubbs, Jessie A., Cape Girardeau, 10133

Hager, Chad A., Steele, 10217

Hamilton, Carl E. and Ethel M., Sikeston, 10137

Haney, Darren K., East Prairie, 10258

Hardesty, Jayne A., Caruthersville, 10175

Harris, Ranley W. and Rhonda K., Dexter, 10177

Harris, Robert E., Fisk, 10227

Harris, Ronnie L. Jr. and Tanya M., Sikeston, 10188

Heuring, Elmer L and Patty L., Chaffee, 10226

Hicks, Jamie W. and Misty D., Poplar Bluff, 10134

Hobbs, Gerald W., Fredericktown, 10131

Hollida, Laramy S. and Matthew W., Poplar Bluff, 10197

Holmes, Kathryn A., Chaffee, 10233

Holtsclaw, Casey L., Arbyrd, 10154

Horton, Lori K., Poplar Bluff, 10182

Hotop, Trudie C. and Walter W., Perryville, 10260

Ivie, Donald W. and Regina L., Sikeston, 10147

Jackson, Kim D., Marble Hill, 10162

James, Delbert L. and Robin L., Chaffee, 10193

Jennings, Rose Mary R., Fredericktown, 10187

Johnson, Chastity G. and Jason D., Campbell, 10167

Johnson, Cheryl R. and David L., Fredericktown, 10180

Johnston, Todd A., Cape Girardeau, 10249

Kennedy, Larry C., Greenville, 10265

Kennedy, Sharon L., Sedgewickville, 10262

Kimble, Deborah K. and Greg A., Sikeston, 10190

Kincade, Gerald L. and Patricia D., Piedmont, 10179

Kinder, Julius A., Hayti, 10220

King, Anna L., Sikeston, 10141

Kirkes, Nicky R., Perryville, 10241

Kirkman, Jim I. and Tina J., Bernie, 10228

Laplante, Gary R. and Vicki S., Cape Girardeau, 10150

Larry, Doris J. and Joe L., Sikeston, 10191

Laxton, Donna M. and Randy D., Wappapello, 10183

Ledbetter, Frank E., Caruthersville, 10223

Longenecker, Mary S., Caruthersville, 10211

Mannon, Jana B. and Scott E., Poplar Bluff, 10186

Marshall, Donna D., Sikeston, 10140

Massey, Amanda M. and Eric W., Grassy, 10248

Mattox, Jennifer E. and John E. Jr., Poplar Bluff, 10181

Maycroft, Kathleen A. and Todd C., Poplar Bluff, 10273

McCall, Amanda B., Caruthersville, 10209

McClain, Melissa C., Caruthersville, 10176

McQueen, Jennifer M. and Jonathan C., Bloomfield, 10264

Moore, Sammy L. Sr., Lilbourn, 10250

Morrill, Catherine D. and Norman L., Oran, 10194

Moss, Brenda, Sikeston, 10232

Nowak, Sharon L. and Thomas G., Grandin, 10143

Ottinger, Donald L. and Kathy A., Sikeston, 10266

Pennington, April A., Ellsinore, 10275

Perciful, Jim T., Kennett, 10212

Pingel, Van J., Perryville, 10259

Plassman, Pamela K., Cape Girardeau, 10171

Porter, Billy G. and Wanda K., Greenville, 10243

Price, Earl L. and Sharon A., Kennett, 10156

Propst, Dennis M., Puxico, 10263

Rebstock, Brandy M., Kennett, 10207

Rhodes, April L. and Thomas L., Jackson, 10145

Rice, Jim and Judy, Malden, 10166

Rinehart, Danny R. and Karrie L., Sikeston, 10238

Risner, Melvin D. and Sharon L., Caruthersville, 10218

Ritchie, Mary L. and Todd W., Qulin, 10184

Russell, Clarence D., Marble Hill, 10229

Rybczyk, Leslie A. and Robert L., Ellsinore, 10206

Sample, Angela F. and Gary W., Fredericktown, 10129

Sarnowski, Edmund C., Ellsinore, 10272

Schetter, Scott P., Cape Girardeau, 10198

Schweigert, Brenda L., Jackson, 10189

Seachrist, Clifford S. and Paula S., Dexter, 10149

Shepard, Rhonda J. and Richard E., Puxico, 10161

Simpson, Arthur and Carolyn G., Poplar Bluff, 10245

Simpson, Sancha S., Malden, 10204

Smith, Aileen M., Portageville, 10239

Smith, Kimberly J., Poplar Bluff, 10246

Steward, Norman A., Lilbourn, 10240

Stewart, Angela R. and Michael A., Fisk, 10276

Studie, Ronnie S. Jr., Wardell, 10169

Stults, Catherine M. and Christopher L., Kelso, 10152

Summers, James L. and Tina L., Poplar Bluff, 10267

Swihart, Denise S., Doniphan, 10270

Syre, Angelia D. and John A., Bertrand, 10199

Tanksley, Angela G. and Benjamin R. Jr., Poplar Bluff, 10271

Thompson, Judy C. and Michael D., Holcomb, 10202

Todd, Crystal M., Sikeston, 10257

Vela, Teresa M. and Victor, Hayti, 10224

Vonruedgisch, Nicole, Dexter, 10203

Wafler, Laronza D. and Matthew C., Sikeston, 10132

Walker, James E. and Patsy G., Steele, 10151

Waters, Sharlene, Poplar Bluff, 10277

Whitchurch, Michael G., Piedmont, 10205

Whitley, Darrell G., Lilbourn, 10138

Whitson, Ann M. and Kenneth L., Poplar Bluff, 10251

Williams, Loretta A. and Randal L., East Prairie, 10255

Wilson, Jerry T., Caruthersville, 10219

Wilson, Sharon G., Wardell, 10172

Wood, Sherry L., Cape Girardeau, 10225

Woodard, Carolyn R., Benton, 10268

Woodrum, Alvin E., Poplar Bluff, 10253

Wren, Felicia A. and Jamie L., Benton, 10192

Zavala, Kimberly A. and Martin, Kennett, 10155

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