New service program at networking business

Friday, March 15, 2002

SCOTT CITY -- Technology and Networking recently introduced its new Emergency Service Program.

"We are now there for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Jason S. Eftink, co-owner and chief executive officer.

Eftink said this service provides the customer with an access number that will contact the emergency response team outside regular business hours. The response team is qualified to assist customers with almost any IT emergency from a server crash to a network printer down.

"Our goal is to do whatever it takes to help our customers minimize down time, even if it means getting out of bed at 2 a.m. to come to the rescue," said Eftink.

With a small monthly fee and reasonable rates, the Emergency Service Program is cost effective for any size company, according to Eftink, adding that a company can further reduce rates by combining the Emergency Service Program with a service called the IT BattleChest.

"We have become the preferred IT service provider for many companies large and small. I credit this to the balance we have developed to meet the needs of both," said Eftink. "The big guys such as banks, hospitals, etc., want certifications and references.

"Smaller businesses just want everything to work and need to monitor the expense very closely. Every program we develop fills a need for both types of customers."

Technology and Networking's main purpose for developing this service was to meet the demands of their customers.

"Most of our customers are highly dependent on their networks and on us," said Eftink. "It's our responsibility to anticipate problems, install safeguards, and respond effectively to keep them running.

"A businesses IT personnel can now perform critical work on their network in the evening or on the weekend knowing expert assistance is available if or when needed."

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