Cap America makes management changes

Friday, March 15, 2002

FREDERICKTOWN -- Cap America, a domestic manufacturer of custom caps and knits, has been in Fredericktown since 1985. Phillip Page, president and CEO, said that during the past year many changes have taken place integrating imports into the line, as well as expanding the knit department and improving manufacturing methods.

The following are the key players in the recent changes at the company:

Bruce Watson, vice president of sales and marketing, came to Cap America in spring 2001. He has more than seven years experience in the headwear industry. Watson has more than 20 years in sales and marketing. Before coming to Cap America, Watson was national sales manager for Venture Products, and he has owned and operated three retail women's shoe stores in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky.

Bob Rauh, vice president of international sales, has been involved in the headwear industry for 28 years. His career began with International Hat where he worked for 10 years and initially met Phil Page. Rauh has spent the past 18 years involved in imported headwear, and is familiar with all aspects of the industry from sales and marketing to operations, sourcing and distribution. Previous employers include Eds West, HTT Headwear and Falcon Headwear. Rauh is currently vice president of international sales at Cap America.

Hobie Vaughn, vice president of production, has 16 years experience in the manufacturing industry. He has been successful in realizing corporate goals and objectives, and has managerial, team building, project management and problem solving skills. Vaughn was formerly an engineering manager for K-Products Inc., senior industrial engineer for American Identity, and most recently senior industrial engineer for Dunbrooke Sportswear.

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