Firstar switches over to U.S. Bank

Friday, March 15, 2002

Business Today

On March 15, Firstar became U.S. Bank, more than a year after the two corporations merged.

The change of Firstar Bank to U.S. Bank is happening region by region across the country, said Cathy Bertrand, senior vice president of the Cape Girardeau branch. The changeover is expected to be completed nationwide by August.

Bertrand said there will be little to notice for the customers. Literature has been sent out since the merger was announced.

"They don't have to change their checks or anything," she said. "It's just like any other bank merger that people have heard about. They just get new plastic, debit cards with the U.S. Bank name on it."

She said new debit cards will be mailed prior to the conversion date and that everyone who has an account in this area should have their cards by March 15.

There will be some advantages, she said. After the complete changeover, customers can do their banking at any of the 2,200 branches in 24 states, that primarily stretch from the Midwest to the West Coast. They will also have access to 5,140 ATMs across the nation for fee free access to cash and other financial services.

The new, combined organization has more than $160 billion in assets.

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