Hospital launches Web program for employees

Friday, March 15, 2002

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KENNETT -- Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center recently kicked-off an employee education program that is only a click away.

The .EDU (dot EDU) program allows employees of Twin Rivers to update their educational requirements as well as access a vast array of reference materials -- all on-line.

"The .EDU program is not only continuing employees education but is also teaching those employees how to use the computer, some for the first time," TRRMC employee education coordinator Tena Wheeler said.

TRRMC started laying the groundwork for the program in November. A committee of Twin Rivers employees attended a .EDU workshop in Dallas, Texas. The group brought its knowledge back to Kennett and the employees of TRRMC.

To give employees access to the program, the hospital purchased computers for the second floor classroom and has recently installed computers at the nurses station.

According to Wheeler, Tenet Health Systems set a goal to have 60 percent of employees utilizing the on-line program by May 2002.

"We have 56 percent on-line already and are getting ready to meet Tenet's goal," Wheeler said.

The program can be accessed by employees at work and at home through Tenet Health Systems' Web site. Employees are given a company e-mail account through the program.

With the program, employees have access to more than 700 hours of various health education courses.

The courses allow employees including paramedics, EMTs and cardiopulmonary technicians to maintain their licenses.

"A lot of this course work is mandatory, we are giving them the opportunity to learn and update their education and get paid for it," Wheeler said.

Wheeler has access to a different program that gives her a report on which courses the employees are taking as well as their scores in the courses.

According to Wheeler, employees have access to on-line reference material that can be used to inform patients about their prescriptions, condition or treatments.

The program not only assists employees with certification requirements but it also permits them to look into benefits offered by Tenet Health Systems.

The .EDU program allows employees to access the company's 401(k) plan, Tenet reward program, visit Websites of other Tenet hospitals and even look for various employment opportunities within Tenet Health Systems.

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