Speak Out A 03/21/02

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Can't hold a candle

I THINK we're very lucky country. Can you imagine having men of weak character like Tom Daschle, Joe Leiberman, Al Gore or Ted Kennedy as president in these tragic times? They can't hold a candle to our present commander in chief, yet they continue to second-guess and backstab for political gain. It's almost a joke, but it's no laughing matter.

Matter of perspective

THE TREE huggers and the environmentalists and the animal-rights activists are living in a world of their own, caring nothing about the war on terrorism or patriotism. The danger of losing our country isn't as important to them as frogs and snails. They care nothing for the economy. It's the planet that's important to them. Clean air and water and a healthy planet is a goal for all, but going to extremes is so ridiculous.

Baseball and liberty

I LOVE baseball and the Cardinals. I love my freedom, and I love my country. If it were possible, I would at any time kiss the cheek of that beautiful lady in the harbor of New York City. God bless America.

Undermining principles

I'm taking time to contemplate the state of the nation. I have to say I'm so thankful that George Bush is our president. My heart goes out to the decent, grassroots conservative Democrats. It appears the liberal Democratic leadership is out to undermine the principles that this great nation was formed upon. It also appears that the Democratic Party is self-destructing as a result.

Clean up the mess

CAPE SHOULD clean up its eyesores. Where is the city's backbone to enforce laws that prohibit trash and litter and rundown conditions? This isn't fair to other property owners all over your city, and is a turnoff to visitors and potential investors and homeowners.

View is restored

A BIG thank you to the workers who cut the brush and weeds at the Trail of Tears riverfront parking lot. We will now be able to enjoy the scenery and the river traffic again.

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