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Monday, March 18, 2002

Good highway plan

I AM appalled by the Southeast Missourian's editorial about the highway improvements on Highway 34-72 to the west in Jackson. Named Jackson Boulevard by the board of aldermen, this road finally has a chance to be a true boulevard with four lanes divided by a median. This is by far the safest way to prevent accidents, and it is more attractive. There are a minimum of businesses along this stretch. The Jaycees' Community Center is a block off Highway 34-72 and will be easily accessible by turn signals at East Lane or West Lane. The Rhodes 101 store at the Highway 25 intersection is at the busiest intersection in Jackson. From the Highway 25 intersection eastward to Gloria Street, the road is five lanes, permitting left turns. This has been the scene of 433 accidents in a short period of time. Those accidents have costs thousands and thousands of dollars for car owners which in turn helps raise everyone's insurance bills to say nothing of the cost to police and fire departments tending to these accidents, thus impinging on our city taxes. MoDOT is absolutely right in its plan for a divided highway and should listen to the pleas of regular folks who think it is a great idea.

Expanding spending

IN REGARD to the so-called economic development bill that state Sen. Peter Kinder seems to be intent on pushing through the legislature. It started off with nothing more than a stadium in St. Louis. Now it includes money for soccer fields in Kansas City and an arena in Branson. And who knows what else is going to be tacked on before it's done. I have one question for the taxpayers of Missouri, when was the last time you ever saw a government program cost no more than the politician said it was going to cost or do what the politician said it was going to do? I give you exhibit A: the 15-year highway plan which has been dead so long it's stopped stinking, but we're still paying for it.

Meet DNR requirements

I HAVE just finished reading that Kinder Morgan Power Co. is a rock-solid company. It's CEO is a kind, generous, environmentally conscious person. Great. Since this is the case, Kinder Morgan should have no problem with spending the money to install the necessary scrubbers to protect our environment. It should also have no problem with the system that would monitor the waste water or with monitoring the wells of those who live in that area. This is wonderful news. If this is the case, I'm sure Kinder Morgan will be receiving DNR approval soon.

Sticking to values

CULTURAL CONSERVATISM is a belief that there is a necessary and unbreakable relationship between traditional western and Judeo-Christian values: definitions of right and wrong, ways of thinking , ways of living, the secular success of western societies, their prosperity, their liberties and the opportunities they offer their citizens to lead fulfilling, rewarding lives. If the relationship to Judeo-Christian values is abandoned, the secular success of the western society and prosperity and opportunities will be lost.

Boxing revenge

THE LIBERALS who worship Bill Clinton have finally got their revenge. Last night, Paula Jones fought Tonya Harding in celebrity boxing and lost. The trailer trash, as she was called by Clinton's supporters, got her due. So now I guess they're all even. Trailer trash sometimes has more character than politicians.

Spring-break disgrace

I KNOW all college students aren't as wild as quoted in the Southeast Missourian. It is a disgrace to the college and the community to read what they are going to do on spring break, but it's those who plan to use their time doing good who will have a better time than anyone.

Time for a break

IT WAS disgusting to see what college students think are cool things to do on springs break: drinking (even underage drinking) and sex. Thank goodness your story included some of the activities of other students who use their break to do good things for others.

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