State's airports to get $25.8 million in grants

Friday, March 15, 2002

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has announced $25.8 million in federal grants for improvements at Missouri airports.

Springfield-Branson Regional Airport will get the largest grant, $6 million, Mineta told reporters at Kansas City International Airport.

KCI will get $5.9 million to renovate its tarmac and Columbia Regional Airport will get $734,391 for an ongoing tarmac expansion, Mineta said. Another 47 general aviation airports across the state will share the remaining $13.1 million in grants, he said.

Springfield's grant is part of a larger federal gift for extending the airport's crosswind runway, refurbishing the primary runway and building two new parallel taxiways, said airport spokeswoman Sherry Wallace.

Wallace said the airfield, which handles about 70 flights a day, needs the upgrade to match the region's growth.

KCI's tarmac renovation, completed this winter, includes a new drainage system for deicing fluid, said KCI spokesman Joe McBride.

In Columbia, the money will fund the expansion and a new ramp from the tarmac to the taxiway.

Both projects are under way.

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