Letter to the Editor

Pro-choicers impose views in some cases

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

To the editor:

A Speak Out caller asked, "Can you imagine the response of God when you say you couldn't care less what happens to children who are aborted by others?" Many pro-choicers say they are "personally opposed to abortion." But they also say " I can't impose my belief on others."

Are these people as tolerant on other issues? Surely they are also opposed to holding up convenience stores, running red lights and wife beating. Do they balk at imposing their beliefs on others regarding these issues? Those who are opposed to abortion must recognize that it involves taking life. It is possible to hold up a convenience store, run a red light and beat your wife without taking a human life.

Why are abortion-rights advocates willing to impose their beliefs on robbers, reckless drivers and wife beaters, but not women? Why are women entitled to a special grace pro-choicers won't grant to others? Pro-choice people seem to think that masked gunmen, drunk drivers and wife beaters can be held to a higher standard than ordinary women.

Masked gunmen, drunk drivers and wife beaters can be required to act civilized. Why do people who advocate a woman's right to have abortion think women can't be civilized as well? I suggest that people hold women just as accountable for their behavior as they do everyone else. Women should refrain from harming others. It's not too much to ask.


Cape Girardeau