Letter to the Editor

Cameras raise many questions at red lights

Saturday, March 9, 2002

To the editor:

The Missouri Senate's Transportation Committee voted 5-2 against allowing cameras to be used at stoplights to catch motorists who run red lights. The committee's concern was about invading a person's privacy. Does that mean it is nobody's business if a person runs a red light?

I would think the real concern would be who would get the ticket if a camera caught the license number of a vehicle that ran a red light. Would it be the owner of the vehicle or the driver? Suppose it is a mechanic test driving a vehicle after making repairs. Or it might be an employee driving a company-owned vehicle. Should the company have the citation on its record, or should it be on the driver's record? Maybe it's a stolen vehicle. Who gets the ticket?

The point is this: Whose driver's license gets the bad mark?


Jackson, Mo.