Out of the past 3/8/02

Friday, March 8, 2002

10 years ago: March 8, 1992

One hundred sixty-nine people try out for American Gladiators Live Tour, coming to Show Me Center March 25; most become spectators after failing first test of 50 fingertip pushups in 60 seconds; other tests include 40-yard dash in 5 seconds, peddling hand bike and 18 behind-the-head pull-ups in less than two minutes.

Easter Seal Society Telethon, broadcast on KBSI-TV, raises $51,255 in pledges.

25 years ago: March 8, 1977

Fire broke out in city jail last night and filled cell areas with dense smoke, sending one prisoner to hospital with second and third-degree burns; two police officers were treated at St. Francis Medical Center for smoke inhalation after they had evacuated 10 prisoners from their cells.

Petition seeking abandonment of city manager from of government and in favor of commission form has been filed with City Clerk Verna Lee Landis; it contains 814 signatures; circulation of petition apparently began last May at height of Country Club area sewer line controversy.

50 years ago: March 8, 1952

Unusually large voter registration for city election March 18, problem in itself because of cumbersome registration, brings into view another major community headache; city's postwar growth, reflected in construction of more than 1,000 new homes, has also increased population in long-established wards to point where there are now more people than facilities to handle them at major registration periods and elections.

Final candidate for Cape Girardeau mayor filed yesterday, shortly before filing period closed; he is Gay Chostner, painting and decorating contractor; his entrance into race brings number of mayoral candidates to three; there are 19 candidates for city commissioner.

75 years ago: March 8, 1927

Advance - Advance Exchange Bank is closed and is in charge of H.G. Harrison, state bank examiner; board of directors voted yesterday to close institution, because of slow collections on loans and lack of business sufficient to support bank.

Missouri Public Service Commission has granted permission to Cape Girardeau Bridge Co. to construct overhead approach of Mississippi River traffic bridge across Frisco Railway tracks at foot of Morgan Oak Street; under state laws, commission is required to give its consent before railway tracks may be crossed by any structure.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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