Speak Out A 03/08/02

Friday, March 8, 2002

Ask right person

I WOULD like to make a comment about U.S. Sen. Tom Daschle, the one who got sent the anthrax letter. He keeps asking the news reporters how long this war is going to last. Very simple. Just ask Osama bin Laden.

Propaganda over analysis

BILL WEBER may have shocked academia with his tortured exegesis on the alleged drawbacks to the River Campus. To me, the piece was eye-opening in its elevation of the overtly propagandistic above the carefully objective analysis one would expect from a supposed impartial SEMO university instructor.

Look around you

WHY WOULD Larry King's interview with Monica Lewinsky be required viewing for liberal Democrats? "Liberal" doesn't mean immoral any more than "conservative" means ignorant. If anyone thinks that liberal Democrats are the only sinners, they are ill-informed and self-righteous. Conservative Republicans Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich all were found to be involved in such behavior. Shall we bring their babes to Larry King? And, if the truth be told, you might be surprised to find out about the actions of your neighbors and friends who sit next to you in church, including the priests and ministers. I admire President Clinton for his intelligence and personal charm, and he inspired me whenever he spoke. I think he was a good president.

Begging for welfare

JUST LIKE the highway projects, the big-city stadium proposals are turning into a rural versus urban battle. There are a lot of worthy projects in this state that need taxpayer funding: The new Cardinals stadium is not one of them. It seems that every time someone in Kansas City or St. Louis sneezes, the politicians want us state taxpayers to furnish the tissue. If I lived in St. Louis, I would be ashamed to beg for welfare from the state.

Get loan from Rams

STATE SEN. Peter Kinder says, "I happen to believe the survival of the city of St. Louis is on the line. I don't think the city of St. Louis would be much without the Cardinals." If this is true, then St. Louis is truly to be pitied. It is certainly a sad state of affairs when a city has self-destructed to the point where only a baseball team is the glue that holds it together. But, wait a minute, they still have the Rams. Why can't the Rams lend the Cardinals some money? This would solve a lot of problems.

Not winning points

IN REGARD to the proposed state funding for the Cardinal and Kansas City stadiums: It would seem that our rookie state representative, Jason Crowell, has more political savvy than our local state senator. Sen. Peter Kinder, it seems, is determined to commit political suicide by pushing these corporate welfare projects. Kinder is right when he says the stadium bill likely won't win him any political points, but he presses on anyway.

Find another way

I AGREE that the St. Louis Cardinals are an important part of St. Louis' history, but if they want a new stadium, let them find another means of funding. If this is permitted, then we should do the same for Kansas City and the Royals.

Military example

CURRENTLY WE have young men and women serving in harm's way. These soldiers, sailors and airmen don't care about the petty differences between themselves and those serving next to them. We could all take a lesson here, no?

Look at issues' merits

POLITICIANS FROM every side of the spectrum, issue by issue, are quite inconsistent, yet they try to tell us their positions on an issue are consistent with their underlying philosophy. Maybe if we could get ourselves and our politicians to give up on arguments about general and meaningless philosophy (liberal versus conservative) and discuss individual issues on their own merits, we could have more progress and less acrimony in politics.

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