Letter to the Editor

Teen old enough to understand what's happening

Friday, March 8, 2002

To the editor:

My opinion about the murder of Daniel Pearl is that the world should not be like this. I believe many people would agree. It is sad that Pearl, an innocent American, was killed to prove a point. I wish I could be young again so that when things like this happen, I would have no idea of what is going on. For young teens like me who have never seen things like this, it is very scary.

People act like this stuff just comes and goes with no big deal. But what the government does not tell you is how it really affects us. And of course they are not going to tell us that they aren't prepared for things like this. But who is? Since the attacks on the United States, I stay tuned in as much as possible and try to understand what's going on.

I surely hope the government used all its resources as much as it could to gain Pearl's release. Now that he has been killed, we can go in and find the murderers and prosecute them. If we sit back and wait for more threats to turn into actions, we are slowly going to lose our nation as a whole.


Cape Girardeau