Firefighting players win by pitching in

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Now and then, you see a story that sounds like it would make a good movie. Take last week's story about the basketball players in Naylor, Mo., who were on their way to a game but stopped to help fight a house fire that threatened nearby homes.

The Naylor team isn't having the best of years on the basketball court. But that doesn't stop some of the players from being winners. Chad Rideout and Shawn Hogan pitched in at the fire scene and then caught the team bus for a game in Greenville, Mo., which trounced the Naylor boys 105-17. Keep in mind two of the players on the six-man team were exhausted from their firefighting efforts.

So let's see: The Naylor team lost the game. But Rideout and Hogan won the day by being good citizens of Naylor.

Sounds like a winning day overall -- one that should make Naylor folks proud.

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