Speak Out A 02/16/02

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Not the worst movie

THE RAZZIES lose credibility when they name a movie like "Pearl Harbor" as one of the worst movies of the year or name Ben Affleck as one of the worst performers. Affleck is a very good actor. The music was just wonderful in "Pearl Harbor." It wasn't the best movie, but certainly by far it wasn't the worst movie. Almost any comedy these days could be considered the worst movie. Comedy is no longer very funny. My only complaint about "Pearl Harbor" was all the cussing in that movie.

Put up some signs

IF DRIVING in the left lane on the interstate highways is illegal in Missouri, why are there no signs along the highway saying driving is prohibited in the left lane except when passing? I have not seen such a sign.

Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

TO THE Libertarian who thinks the Republican Party will cease to exist by 2006: You're not in Kansas anymore. You can wake up now.

Driving lesson

IN REFERENCE to the Speak Out comment "Driving to the left": I am a retired state policeman. I am telling you right now it is against the law to drive in the left lane, even if there are turn roads off of the left-hand lane, such as driving on U.S. 60. You are to drive in the right hand lane. If you must make a left hand turn, be sure it's safe to do so, turn on your left-hand signal, pull to the left lane, complete your turn from the left lane into another left lane, if there is a left lane, then turn on your right-hand signal when it is safe to do so and pull into the right lane with the traffic. It is never all right to drive in the left lane, and you better not be there if an emergency vehicle happens along, because that's where they're going to be. Whoever got the idea that because you've got two lanes of traffic that you can drive in the left lane had better go back and take another driving course.

Driving law

IN REFERENCE to several comments in Speak Out regarding people driving in the passing lane of four-lane highways: Missouri Revised Statute 304.015 reads as follows: All vehicles in motion upon a highway having two or more lanes of traffic proceeding in the same direction shall be driven in the right-hand lane except when overtaking and passing another vehicle or when preparing to make a proper left turn or when otherwise directed by traffic markings, signs or signals.

The answer: Si

DO I disagree with the Speak Out caller who said the AARP shouldn't publish information in Spanish? Si.

Not even saints

SPEAK OUT readers should keep in mind that Southeast Missourian criticism of the honoring of a St. Louis rap singer by some state officials should be taken with a grain of salt. Why was the Southeast Missourian silent when President Reagan oddly hailed Bruce Springsteen for his somewhat anti-American anthem, "Born in the U.S.A."? Seriously, one wonders if religious statements made by saints could pass muster with the Southeast Missourian.

Everybody wins

THE SUPREME Court spoke. The city wins. The town wins. The university wins. The state wins. The students win. The voters win.

Places to go

WILL THE people who are just driving to be driving and not really going anywhere please move over to let a person who has something to do get there and do it? It is not a matter of speeding. It is just that some of us are better drivers than others and we have things to do. Common courtesy would be to move over and let us pass. I know you hate to have us drive right up on your bumper, so that should tell you we have somewhere to go. You may have somewhere to go too, but you take a little longer getting there. To get the courtesy of not riding on your bumper, you must show courtesy by moving over to the slower lane.

THAT THERE is a positive correlation between a score on a Praxis II test and being a success in the classroom is the most unwarranted assumption since the church view that the earth was at the center of the universe. Please do not fall for the allegedly progressive, but palpably pitiful so-called measuring instrument dressed up in the pompous and puzzling title of Praxis II.

Let's work together

I WAS glad to see the Supreme Court uphold the city's plan to support the River Campus. A majority of us voted for the plan. It makes sense for Cape Girardeau and the community. Let's now come together without pointing fingers and make it a success for everyone. Together we can help make it a beautiful addition to our area.

Benefits for all

I HOPE the delays on the River Campus are over. The campus would benefit the entire community, not just the students. Let's stop these ridiculous lawsuits.

I WOKE up excited to see the headline in the newspaper that read, "Court rejects Drury on River Campus." Hallelujah!

Too early for that

HAS IT come to this? A Speak Out caller has already designated the nonexistent River Campus "a problem."

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