Letter to the Editor

Use precautions with raw eggs in any recipe

Saturday, February 16, 2002

To the editor;

In the Recipe Swap for Feb. 13, there may be some confusion on one of the recipes. If a person read the whole column, it did state that raw eggs are dangerous, but the recipe gave the option of using six raw eggs. Pasteurized egg products would be all right to use without cooking, but the USDA and the American Egg Board do not recommend consuming eggs that have not been pasteurized or heated to a temperature of 160 degrees.

The use of raw eggs could lead to illness from the salmonella microorganism. This could pose a serious or possibly fatal threat.

To reduce the risk, the eggs, sugar and condensed milk could be beaten together, and then carefully heated to a temperature of 160 degrees, stirring constantly over low heat or in a double boiler. The heated mixture will coat a metal spoon when it has reached that temperature. Cool the mixture in the refrigerator, then continue by adding the other ingredients.

This means of heating the eggs, milk and sugar can be used for any of the older ice cream recipes that use raw eggs.


Nutrition Specialist

University of Missouri

Extension Center

Jackson, Mo.