Letter to the Editor

Contact senators to oppose bill on altering foods

Saturday, February 16, 2002

To the editor:

As the Senate debates the current agriculture bill, it is interesting to note that Section 333 of S.1731 deals with biotechnology and agricultural trade.

This section calls for $15 million for each of the next four years to be used to promote genetically engineered foods to other countries.

Although Europe and most of the world have rejected genetically engineered foods, our government continues to press the issue. If Monsanto and the other biotech companies want to promote their products, why should U.S. taxpayers foot the bill? This is a classic example of corporate welfare.

Instead of trying to force the world to accept something it doesn't want, doesn't it make sense to produce products it does want? Say no to corporate welfare. Write, call or e-mail your senators and ask them to oppose Section 333 of S.1731.


Cape Girardeau