Cape-Jackson meetings have been useful

Saturday, February 16, 2002

This week saw the fourth meeting between the Cape Girardeau City Council and the Jackson Board of Aldermen. The two groups have met every year since 1998 except for last year.

And while the two groups didn't solve all the problems facing the two adjoining cities this year, they did get some updates on a few big projects that involve them both: a proposed research and technology park between the two cities, the Cape Girardeau County Nature Center at North County Park and the potential for the two to become part of a Metropolitan Planning Organization based on 2000 census figures.

The meetings have yielded the benefit of a better understanding between the cities and greater harmony on common issues. Cape Girardeau and Jackson are the closest of neighbors, competing for businesses and jobs. If one fails, so does the other. Likewise, when one succeeds, so does the other.

The meetings are a great idea that should be continued.

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