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Thursday, February 14, 2002

by Jason Parker,

Mix 104.7's afternoon personality

So I get this email from someone who reads Kill Your TV...

It reads..."so what advice would you give so someone who has no idea what to get their special someone for Valentines Day?"

Here's the answer. Valentines Day is a pain in the arse. I mean it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not, the whole experience is just ??????????????????. Oops there I go again. I'm happily married but the emphasis of the first "married Valentines Day" is beginning to weigh heavily. Here's piece of advice to those of you who are still in the dating scene. DO NOT under ANY circumstances go OVERBOARD at any point in pre-marital holiday gift giving. As tempting as it is, do not completely overdue the affectional treats. This includes anniversaries, V-day, B-day, and yes Easter.

Why, oh why, you ask? Well because you get to a point where you have run out of great ideas. I've been pulling this stuff for years and years. I have jumped out of boxes, cooked romantic dinners featuring dishes like Chicken-take-her-pants-off and so on and so forth and I even proposed on an empty beach in Cancun at midnight. But now not only do I have the Valentines headache to deal with, I've got an anniversary coming up that I've really got to shine for. How do you outdo proposing in Mexico? The logic behind such a dramatic setting was that I figured if I ever screwed up an anniversary or equivalent that she'd always remember that one moment and how romantic I was. Well let me tell you, it puts a lot of added pressure on you.

It's like raising the bar too high the first time then having to lower it each time thereafter. You set yourself up for failure because eventually you'll get to a point where Christmas, or birthdays, or even Valentines Day creeps up on you special ops style and really works you into a bind.

So that's my best advice for anyone in any kind of relationship whether it be sexual or just friendship. While first impressions last a lifetime, don't screw yourself too early.


Jason Parker

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