Speak Out A 02/13/02

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Our new state tree

AS I drive, or rather bounce, across our great state of Missouri, it occurs to me that I would like to propose to Gov. Bob Holden that Missouri change its state tree. Yes, the flowering dogwood is very nice, but it no longer seems quite appropriate. I believe that the Missouri state tree should be changed to the billboard. Given that we have cut down all of our old-growth forests and nearly all of the remaining saplings and replaced them with a seemingly equal number of billboards, this change would be only fitting.

Party of victims

THE DEMOCRATIC Party solicits every organization, no matter how far out, to create a large bloc of votes supporting everything and believing in nothing. They want control of everything from abortion to homosexual rights, women's lib, ecology, same-sex marriages, legalizing drugs and removing God from our institutions. With their promise of helping the elderly, the poor and minorities, trading financial promises for their morals is the goal of this party of victims.

Taxed to death

OUR FOREFATHERS feared if ever our citizens lose their dignity and resolve and determine they can force others to pay their way through taxation, this country is doomed by politicians and greed. Half of our citizens pay no taxes at all. What happened to equal and fair taxation? They ask why businesses are closing and going and moving away. Most are taxed and regulated to death. We need a flat tax or a sales tax.

Great cuts

I SEE where the university is going to have to cut about 50 employees from the university staff. If these are all vice presidents, they will be great cuts.

Changing yourself

A QUOTE by Leo Tolstoy: "Everyone thinks of changing the world. But no one thinks of changing himself."

Loyal American

I'D LIKE to be the first to respond to the people who have been criticizing America. You've got it right on the money. America does hold the puritanical view. But it's also corrupt, deceptive and, on many levels, uncaring. Here's the catch. Where else are you going to find the opportunity to be able to criticize your government in such a fashion without repercussions? That's right, you're not. You're not going to find a Utopian society, especially in Australia which is laughable at best. So I would have to say wake up, discover where your loyalty is and realize that it is a hard-knocks world. Although the United States has its problems, unfortunately for you, it's still the best. Incidentally, I'm a combat veteran who has actually had to earn for myself and for you the right to do these things. I'm a loyal American. God bless America.

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