Brown's brings food, other items to McClure

Monday, February 11, 2002

Linda Brown, left, and Maxine Croy help operate Brown's Grocery in McClure, Ill. The small business provides grocery items and food for its patrons.

By B. Ray Owen ~ Southeast Missourian

McCLURE, Ill. -- Charlotte Simmons Griffith of Jackson, Mo., had a mission Wednesday morning: to visit relatives in Alexander County in Southern Illinois and stop off at Brown's Grocery in McClure for chicken and dumplings and pick up a few orders to go.

Those on a mission for homemade goodness know Wednesday is chicken and dumplings day at Brown's.

"They start coming in about 10:30 to 11 a.m.," said Maxine Crow, who helps prepare the dumplings. "Sometimes we run out by noon."

Wednesday was one of those days.

When Bob Tucker of McClure stopped by for dumplings about 12:15 p.m., he had to settle for barbecue instead.

"This is the second week I've missed the dumplings," lamented Tucker. "Last week, I thought Tuesday was dumpling day. I'll try again next week."

Brown's Grocery, with a Grapevine Trail address, is located in a small building that has served as a bank, post office and taxidermy shop since 1905.

"It was constructed as a bank," said Rodney Brown, owner of the grocery store founded by his parents during the early 1990s. "Following the stock crash of the late 1920s, the bank closed its doors."

Brown uses the old bank vault for his office.

"Brown's is great for the community," said Rollie Matlock Sr. of McClure. "It makes us a real community."

Matlock and his son, Rollie Matlock Jr., were among the half-dozen people in the store Wednesday making the most of a helping of dumplings. Also taking a dumpling break were Bruce Vick and his son, Tim Vick, along with Lewis Lovell and Bob Kaufman, both of McClure.

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