Lawmakers talk tough, want action against Iraq

Monday, February 11, 2002

WASHINGTON -- Emboldened by success in Afghanistan, some lawmakers are beating the drum for quick action to get rid of Iraq's Saddam Hussein. They take a different view of other nations singled out by President Bush as trouble.

Saddam should be removed, and soon, Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut said Sunday.

An Iranian official, speaking for a government also labeled part of an "axis of evil" by Bush, pledged cooperation in keeping al-Qaida terrorists out of his country.

"Javad Zarif, Iran's deputy foreign minister for international affairs, said al-Qaida terrorists are "enemies" of Iran and if any are found in his country, "we will return them to their own countries or to the government of Afghanistan."

North Korea, a third member of the "axis of evil," called off a visit by a group of former U.S. ambassadors in reaction to Bush's harsh words.

Democratic Sen. Bob Graham of Florida, agreed, saying on NBC's "Meet the Press' that Saddam was an "evil force."

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