Letter to the Editor

Cable-TV should be available at decent cost

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

To the editor:

Normally I have a good sense of humor and a very upbeat attitude. Now, however, I am getting upset about what might be considered as the little things.

Over the past year, Charter Communications has in-creased cable-TV prices by 41.67 percent, and I tend to think this is excessive. My bill in January 2001 was $29.60 for expanded basic. In January 2002 the bill is for $42.23. In that time I did not ask for any different service than what I had asked for when I started. I have written letters to the local and state offices of this company, and the response was, "If you don't like it, cancel the service." If everyone just lets it all go, nothing will change, and more injustice will be let go until no one thinks about justice anymore. We will all become zombies with no guts to go after the things we care about.

I am a senior citizen and lost my job this year to company downsizing. I don't sit in front of the TV filling my mind with the senseless programming. I need the TV to keep current on the changing world, I need it for the comedy and education and the ball games. I also deserve to get it for a decent cost, and I expect our city fathers to help you and to help me get it.


Jackson, Mo.