Doe Run proposes drilling locations in national forest

Saturday, February 2, 2002

ST. LOUIS -- In the company's effort to search for lead beneath the floor of Mark Twain National Forest, the Doe Run Co. on Friday released a list of 19 locations in eastern Missouri it has proposed for exploratory drilling.

Attorney General Jay Nixon had requested the release of the locations from forest officials, but Doe Run resisted, citing federal laws that protect the "proprietary" business information. Friday's release of the locations was a voluntary shift in policy, Doe Run said.

"Because public lands are involved, we feel it is important for the public to be made aware of these decisions," spokeswoman Barb Shepard said. "We chose to utilize these legal protections until we are certain our proprietary interests would not be compromised. We now feel it is more appropriate to share this information with the public."

The sites are all near current Doe Run mining sites in eastern Missouri, in Iron, Dent, Crawford and Reynolds counties, the company said.

After an environmental assessment last fall, the U.S. Forest Service is considering whether to recommend that Doe Run be allowed to drill in Mark Twain National Forest. The forest covers about 1.5 million acres of woodlands, caves, natural springs and floatable streams.

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