Gory calendars record Nigeria's pain

Saturday, February 2, 2002

LAGOS, Nigeria -- Calendars depicting death and destruction after explosions at an arms depot were selling briskly Friday in Lagos.

Standing on a street corner outside the base where the explosions erupted Sunday night, Mohammed Fafunya sold dozens of the 25-cent calendars -- posters with a collage of fiery, gory photographs and the legend: Lagos State Bomb Disaster 27-01-2002.

Some of the photos showed piles of twisted bodies, blackened buildings and thousands of people fleeing. Others depicted stacks of land mines and rocket-propelled grenades.

"People don't want our government or foreign people to forget about our pain," said Fafunya, who said he did not know who made the calendars.

A fire triggered a series of explosions that lasted for hours, propelling shells and flaming debris for miles around the base in the northern Ikeja neighborhood of Nigeria's commercial capital.

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