Simpson attorney's book headed for film producer

Saturday, February 2, 2002

LOS ANGELES -- Phoenix Pictures has acquired the film rights for "Misconception," a legal thriller co-written by O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Shapiro.

Shapiro co-authored "Misconception" with novelist, screenwriter and director Walt Becker.

Published last spring, "Misconception" follows a surgeon general nominee who becomes the target of an anti-abortion extremist in a scandal over an extramarital affair, a pregnant lover and an illegally procured abortion drug.

Shapiro and Becker will be executive producers on the film, the production company said Thursday.

Shapiro was a member of Simpson's defense team when he was acquitted in the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

Paltrow to make debut with British theater

LONDON -- Gwyneth Paltrow plans to make her British theater debut in the spring with her "Shakespeare in Love" director John Madden in charge.

Paltrow is due to open at London's Donmar Warehouse theater in the same part that won Mary-Louise Parker a Tony Award for best actress in "Proof" in June.

David Auburn's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, still running on Broadway in New York, will cast Paltrow as Catherine, a talented young woman who has inherited her father's mathematical genius -- and may also have inherited his mental instability.

The remaining three roles have yet to be cast, though Madden said he expected the remainder of the company to be British.

"Proof" begins rehearsals April 8 and starts previews May 9, before a May 15 opening night. The limited run will end June 15.

On screen, Paltrow won a best-actress Oscar for 1998's "Shakespeare in Love."

'60 Minutes' reporter saves woman's life

NEW YORK -- CBS News "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft is being credited as a lifesaver.

Kroft, 56, heard wheels spinning in the sand on the beach in front of his Long Island, N.Y., home last Saturday. A car was stuck and he figured the owner eventually would extricate it.

Yet the car went nowhere. The engine caught fire, and Kroft ran to the beach when he couldn't see the driver. He reached into the smoke-filled car and pulled out a 76-year-old New Jersey woman who had been listed as missing for a day and had diabetes.

"Once I saw her it kind of explained the situation," he said. "She was very disoriented and didn't know exactly where she was."

Within 30 seconds of pulling her out, the car's passenger compartment was engulfed in flames, he said.

Actress-model enjoys her work in crowds

NEW YORK -- When James King's working, she travels in a crowd. The 22-year-old actress-model has been doing it for years.

Her makeup artist and manager were among a half-dozen people who helped King prepare for a recent appearance on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" to promote her new film, "Slackers."

Several people on her "team" have been with her since she launched her modeling career at 14, she says.

King, recently named a spokeswoman for Revlon cosmetics, considers her team a vital element in her success. But she leaves the big group behind when she's not working.

"I spend a lot of time alone," she said. "I also have a small, close circle of friends. I don't like things that are too big, too hard to maintain."

-- From wire reports

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