People you should know 1/28

Monday, January 28, 2002

  • Key responsibilities: Overall operations

    How long have you lived in Cape Girardeau: 38 years

    Original hometown: Cape Girardeau

    Education: Bachelor's of Science from Southeast Missouri State University

    Community involvement: First Baptist Church, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Downtown Merchants Association.

    Professional background: Third generation in family furniture business.

    Name a Cape Girardeau businessperson you admire and tell why: My dad, Charles Hutson, because he taught me that the keys to being successful are to always keep a high level of integrity, working hard, maintaining a sense of community, and never forgetting the importance of family.

    Last book read: "Dancing Naked in the Minefield," By Dr. Carey Mullis.

    What I wanted to be when I was a child: Professional motorcycle racer.

    How I chose this career: I think this career chose me.

    Biggest obstacle I've overcome and how: Having to grow up and be responsible and still maintain a carefree attitude. I overcame this by trying to let go of the small stuff.

    My best advice to someone new in my field: Stay focused.

    Hobbies, interests: Motorcycling, bicycling, snowboarding, music.

    Accomplishments I'm most proud of: My family. Wife, Jerra and two boys, Alec and Ethan.

    Secret ambition: To make a difference.


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