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Sunday, January 27, 2002

Blues are worthy of better coverage

The St. Louis Blues are having an incredible season and rarely get a mention in your sports section. Did you realize there was a team there?CHRIS GERHARDT

via e-mail

Why no scores

from junior varsity?

I am very interested in the JV basketball scores as well as the varsity in the area schools. The only time I have seen the JV scores mentioned is when the varsity wins. Would it be too much to list the score of the JV game?MARY BEUSSINK

Jackson, Mo.

EDITOR'S NOTE:JV scores will, when available,appear with varsity boxscores.

Regional scores

are good additions

Thank you for putting high school basketball scores in the newspaper from teams outside the Missourian delivery area. If there is still a southeast Missouri high school poll, could you print it? The preseason one was in the paper.

Also, I like having the JV scores in the paper.MARGARET BLATTEL

Oran, Mo.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Because of concerns with how the local high school poll is tabulated, we do not publish it. State rankings are published each Wednesday, and standings for area conferences appear today on Page 4B.

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