Speak Out A 01/22/02

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Out-of-state taxation

MISSOURI WILL get more than its fair share of money earned out of state. I am a retired educator living in Missouri. Not one penny of my income was made in Missouri, but I have to pay income taxes on it.

Missing ingredient

FOR THE Republicans, the Enron case will not be a big deal because it has nothing to do with sex.

Snowing popcorn

SOMETIMES I really wish it would snow popcorn. That way the roads wouldn't be slippery, and if you wanted a snack all you'd have to do is step outside.

No credibility

MISSOURI'S POLITICALLY ambitious state auditor says the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund needs substantial beefing up. A person in an official capacity whom some might describe as a greedy capitalist dismisses the allegation as overblown. So, whom are we supposed to believe? Alas, as usual, neither one.

SEMO can't compete

THE RIVER Campus is a joke. If you want art and culture, visit a large city. Southeast Missouri State University has to realize that it is only a regional university. It can't compete with SIU, because the distribution of tax dollars is different in the two states.

Lockstep sycophants

ONE OF the most interesting phenomena I have observed since George W. Bush became leader of the free world is the way Republican hacks, lackeys, spin doctors and sycophants have had to morph themselves from being small into big-government conservatives so as to be in lockstep with the chief executive.

Wrong conclusion

OH, GOOD grief. The Lumina study that looked at SEMO in a lesser light was deemed unfair by SEMO spokesperson Art Wallhausen and then, predictably, by the Southeast Missourian editorial staff. Had the study found SEMO to be the best thing since sliced bread, both SEMO and the Southeast Missourian would have concluded that the study was the most enlightening survey of schools of higher learning in the history of education.

A stab at civility

AS YOU said in your enlightening editorial, there is indeed a new opportunity for civility in our political system. However, in my view, the opportunities for incivility, name-calling, posturing, partisan bickering and so on are so much more available and, frankly, so much more interesting. Take Speak Out, for example.

Put out a sign

IT WOULD be nice if Notre Dame Regional High School would get a marquee so it could let people know of the events that are going on.

Both sides got cash

A SPEAK Out caller wants to stop the trashing of Bill Clinton and Enron. Who took donations from Enron? Both the Democrats and Republicans took donations from Enron.

Petty about hats

MY HUSBAND gives time endlessly for church, Cub Scouts, coaching sports or anything else. Often he wears a cap to hide that he has not washed his hair that day. Someone has commented about how inconsiderate it is for people to not remove their hats in a building. Instead of being petty, why not work on how you can help the community?

Easier to find

THANK YOU, sports editor Jamie Hall. The sports have finally been broken down by individual sport instead of time. It makes it so much easier to find what you are looking for. I hope more people comment on this so that this stays the policy for the Missourian. Thank you again.

Send a copy

I THINK every person who read Jack Stapleton's column Saturday should make copies and send it to every legislator in Missouri they can think of. This needs to be brought home and make the people realize the sorry job the legislators are doing.

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