Out of the past 1/20/02

Sunday, January 20, 2002

10 years ago: Jan. 20, 1992

Benton - Scott County commissioners hope to replace 60-year-old sheriff's office this year, either with new building or purchase of existing structure; Lynn Ingram, First District commissioner from Sikeston, says existing office, adjacent to jail in Benton, is in poor shape.

Cyrus Keller urges Southeast Missouri State University audience to do more than merely acknowledge the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of racial equality; Kelly, American Methodist Episcopal minister from St. Louis, says black Americans should make King's dream and history part of their own, personal history; Keller speaks to about 75 people assembled at Academic Auditorium for program in honor of slain civil rights leader.

25 years ago: Jan. 20, 1977

Dwindling petroleum supplies, ice-blocked barges at scattered moorings along river and postponed salvage efforts on ruptured fuel oil barge are all signs of frozen river officially closed to navigation; yesterday, Coast Guard made official what nature did more than week ago - close to all traffic 160-mile stretch of Mississippi River from Cairo, Ill., to St. Louis.

Step toward obtaining federal funds for major street improvements was taken last night by City Council; Mayor Howard C. Tooke was authorized to hire consultant to detail plan to implement $500,000 traffic safety improvements on Broadway; hiring consultant is first step of many necessary toward qualifying for Federal Air Urban Program funds to improve number of streets.

50 years ago: Jan. 20, 1952

Christ Evangelical and Reformed Church installs its Church Council during morning worship service; council members are: President, Paul McCray; recording secretary, Kenneth Mehrle; financial secretary, Millard Schlimme; treasurer, Carl Meyer, and building fund treasurer, Julius Roloff; pastor is the Rev. Arno H. Franke.

Thieves broke into three parked, locked automobiles and took $311 in cash and checks, portable radio set, suitcase and several articles of clothing last night, while cars' owners were attending play on State College campus.

75 years ago: Jan. 20, 1927

New Madrid - Cutting through brick wall, three prisoners - one of whom was to have been released today - escaped from New Madrid County jail overnight and have apparently made their get-away; confined to room separate from remainder of prisoners, because of crowded condition of jail, three tore away portion of the sanitary equipment and used the iron to dig their way through wall.

James E. Kinkead, formerly of Fornfelt, has moved to Cape Girardeau, where he has organized Realty Service Corp., to transact general real estate business; shareholders in company are Kinkead, Norma Kinkead and James A. Finch.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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