Speak Out A 01/20/02

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Medicare woes

MY HUSBAND and I had good medical insurance. When we reached age 65, the government made us take Medicare. But we still have our good insurance. What Medicare won't pay, our insurance won't pay either. When people hear about this, they think we're poor people and don't pay for insurance. But that's because they don't understand. Now our president says they're going to cut back on Medicare. When they do, many doctors claim they're not going to take Medicare patients. In other words, they won't accept patients age 65 or older. That's very discriminating. We can't help what Medicare will or won't do.

Tobacco lawyers

THE LAWYER speaking for the group of lawyers that got the tobacco settlement for the work it did for the state of Missouri says this proves the lawyers contributed substantially. What it really proves is they are a bunch of parasites.

Set the example

PETER KINDER wants civility? That's a laugh. Set the example. He hasn't been civil in the past. The Limbaugh brothers aren't civil. What a joke. Independent voters should go by the numbers. The lies and scandals from both parties are unbelievable. Both parties are phony. When there's a scandal in the Republican camp, the Southeast Missourian will either not print anything about it or hide it in the back of the paper.

Age discrimination?

IN THE article on the candidates for mayor, it was pointed out that Mr. Gateley was the oldest candidate, and it listed his age. None of the ages of the other candidates were listed. Is it the policy of the Southeast Missourian to discriminate against people according to age?

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