Speak Out A 01/19/02

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Brief glimpse

ALAN JOURNET'S observation that the temperature record keeping we have been doing for the last 140 years is a good indication of what is going on. When you consider that the earth has been around for tens of thousands of years, this is like watching the first 15 seconds of a three-hour movie and then giving a report on the movie.

Cozy relationship

THE ENRON scandal will probably never touch President Bush and Vice President Cheney. The fact that Enron's hefty political contributions allowed them to call top administrative officials for help is unfortunately not illegal. It does show that Bush has a cozy relationship and is more favorable to his fat-cat corporate friends than he is to ordinary citizens. Can you call the White House and be put directly through to top administrative officials?

The new theory

A CALLER said that we are not teaching schoolchildren that the Bible is wrong, just logical thinking based on what can be proven, not on faith alone. The Bible says, "Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and shun evil." The caller goes on to say that creation and evolution can go hand in hand from the proper perspective. The two concepts, however, contradict each other on different points. If you say you're going to go by logical thinking and not faith alone, the Bible says many times that the just will live by faith. These two theories contradict each other. Evolution is the new idea. There isn't really a lot of proof backing it up.

Next question

TO THE caller who asked, "If the Bible said the sky was green, would you believe that too?" The Bible only reflects accurate and factual information. Therefore it would never say the sky was green. What's your next question?

Closing U.S. plants

WHILE FORD Motor Co. has announced many automobile plant closings in the United States, I sure didn't hear of any plants closing in Mexico.

No accident

HOW DID we come to be here? Were we created by a Creator, or did we slowly evolve over centuries from amoebas? For those with an open mind and no biases, try reading Dean Overman's "A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization." Overman uses logic and math to show that it is mathematically impossible that accidental processes produced the first spark of life.

Men ugly; women pretty

GOOD FOR Paula Zahn for speaking out. Women still have a way to go, as shown by CNN's comment about Zahn's being sexy. Funny, Bill Riley doesn't have to be attractive to do the news. It just shows that women haven't made it all the way yet. In awards shows, look at how many actors can be ugly. But actresses have to be beautiful. When "ER" won awards, most of the men who went up to accept the award weren't very good-looking. But most of the women were. Other examples are the "Drew Carey Show" or "The King of Queens." The men are dogs, but the female co-stars have to be attractive.

Enlightened caller

I'D LIKE to commend the Speak Out caller who correctly stated that the sin of this world is not on God's resume, but on man's resume. It is enlightening to see that somebody actually knows the truth and knows the true God.

Using wrong term

IN A recent article, Sam Blackwell referred to a donation of over 1,800 classical CDs to KRCU, the campus radio station, as "booty." I'm wondering if that was the best choice of words. Is "booty" appropriate in referring to classical CDs? I'd choose another term.

Take the offer

IF SOMEONE wants to pay $2 million for the Schultz school building, we don't care what they want to do with the building. All we want to do is sell the building. At the next regular school board meeting, sell the building before the man changes his mind. We could use that $2 million.

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