Police report 01/19/02

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Cape Girardeau

Saturday, Jan. 19

ArrestsChristopher Shaun Scott, 20, of 416 S. Benton was arrested Thursday for robbery.

Shawn Michael Bareiter, 40, of 422 Oglala was arrested Thursday for failure to appear.

Marshall Wayne Harding, 44, of 316 Mason was arrested Thursday for sodomy.

Christopher A. Jefferson, 23, of 724 Themis was arrested Thursday for failure to appear.

A 16-year-old male was cited into juvenile court Thursday for possession of marijuana and traffic violations.

Dina Marie Hill, 28, of 140 E. Street was arrested Thursday for contempt of court.

Robert Arlan Flannery, 20, of 7052 State Highway 74 was arrested Thursday for traffic violations.

Toya Lynn Gresham, 35, of 1021 S. Ellis was arrested Friday for contempt of court.

TheftVideogame controllers, games, a radar detector, compact discs, clothing and jewelry were reported stolen Thursday at 1949 Delwin.

Gasoline was reported stolen Thursday at Amerimart, 865 N. Kingshighway.

Money was reported stolen Thursday at Quality Car Wash, 1354 N. Mount Auburn.

Wheels and tires were reported Thursday at Morley Motors, 60 S. Kingshighway.

Property DamageA window was reported damaged Thursday at 212 S. Lorimier.

A window was reported damaged Thursday at Green Acres and N. Spanish.

MiscellaneousForgery was reported Thursday at Radio Shack, 232 West Park Mall.

Forgery was reported Thursday at Wal-Mart, 3439 William.


Saturday, Jan. 19

ArrestsBrandon L. Westfall, 17, of Cape Girardeau was arrested Monday for failure to appear.

Storie Raymond, 28, of 226 Lindsey Lane was arrested on a warrant.

Scott A. Cartwright, 32, of 914 Old Cape Road was arrested Tuesday for stealing and assault.

Timothy H. Shrum, 29, of 10547 State Highway W was arrested for failure to pay fine.

Darla J. Minton, 42, of 271 Titanium was arrested on a Miner warrant for failure to appear.

AssaultAn assault was reported Monday at 223 Morgan Street.

TheftHeavy machinery was reported stolen Thursday at 624 Washington Street.

Property DamageProperty damage was reported Tuesday at 1770 Lee Ave.

Property damage was reported Tuesday at 542 Independence St.

MiscellaneousA peace disturbance was reported Monday at 308 S. Ohio Street.

Forgery was reported Monday at 2801 Old Orchard Road.

Harassment was reported Thursday.

Tampering with a victim was reported Thursday at 2090 Old Toll Road.