Jackson permit status for December

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

The following is the December permit status of new business-related buildings, expansions and remodeling projects in Jackson. Rodney Bollinger, Jackson Planning and Zoning superintendent, provided information for this report..

New commercial buildings and remodeling

  • City of Jackson, 435 S. Farmington Rd., Cemetery Maintenance Building, received plans/application, 12/04/01; approved site plan, 12/05/01; approved building plans, 12/11/01; issued permits, 12/11/01.

  • Heartland Realty, 2142 E. Jackson Blvd., storage shed; received plans/application, 12/18/01; approved site plan, 12/18/01; approved building plans, 12/18/01; issued permits, 12/18/01.

  • B&M Properties, 2844 Sappington Drive, finish out office, received plans/application, 11/20/01; approved site plan, 11/20/01; approved building plans, 12/6/01; issued permits, 12/10/01.

  • Dennis Hinkebein, 117 E. Jefferson St., fence, received plans/application, 11/21/01; approved site plan, 11/21/01; approved plans, 12/10/01; issued permits, 12/10/01.

    Commercial signs

  • Great Clips, 2050 Walton Drive, Suite B, attach sign; received plans/application, 12/03/01; approved site plan, 12/04/01; approved building plans, 12/11/01; issued permits, 12/11/01.

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