Former hotel being renovated

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Will be housing for seniors

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KENNETT -- When Ken Maddox drove by the old Cotton Boll Hotel building on First Street for 10 years, he knew the vacant building had to have a purpose. Then, about two years ago, he decided to begin construction on what will become Cotton Boll Commons.

Maddox is president of Maco Construction, the company that has undertaken the task of transforming the building into a home for senior citizens -- Cotton Boll Commons.

The project has been two years in the making, and in those two years Maco Construction has pulled out all the stops. When the job is finished, Maddox said it will look like they have built a brand new building.

A new section will be added in the back that will increase the living space by two-thirds. Maco is also installing new plumbing, wiring and roofing. The company plans on restoring the old bricks of the hotel to match the new bricks used in the construction of the new building.

Most of the one-bedroom units in the building will have 750 to 800 square feet of space. These units will rent for around $300 per month. Two bedroom units will have about 900 square feet of space and rent for $325 a month. Each unit will have a washer and dryer, a garbage disposal, dishwater, stove and oven among other things. There will be 39 total units available.

After nightfall the doors cannot be opened without buzzing a person to gain entry. When a call is placed to a resident, that resident will determine whether to allow entry.

When the construction of Cotton Boll Commons is completed there will be several new jobs available to Bootheel residents. The building will employ a maintenance man on call at all times.

Maco has made some progress in the past two years but not as much as Maddox would have hoped. Weather problems are his primary enemy.

Due to some setbacks, construction may not be completed by summer 2002; however, Maddox said construction should be wrapped up no later than October 2002.

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